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  1. Has the keyboard changed in R8, because its rubbish?
  2. Tried this and it looks absolutely cracking, just need my camera too much unfortunately! :( will be keeping a close eye on this thread though! :D
  3. Did the mouse/joystick and scroll arrangment work? Thanks!
  4. Sorry, figured out what this was, i was using an older version of SetCPU from XDA which it didn't like. I have now bought it from the Market and works perfectly! Cheers!
  5. I think the prompt option would be better, then it would all be part of one process. Thanks
  6. Hi there Zeb, Loving the restorer, its a really useful tool. Just wondering if it would be possible to include backing up of the SD-EXT? Don't know if it would be possible to restore it in NVFlash, but if not, maybe a little ADB Script that we could run after the main restore? Many thanks! Dex
  7. Cheers, i knew it was about, but couldn't see for looking!
  8. None of the usual apps do anything when asked to reboot into recovery... so no!
  9. Does anyone have any idea how to get Root working? Thanks
  10. Hi all, having a problem with setcpu on this rom. I place the text file on the root on the sd card, select the bottom option in setcpu and then it force closes every time. Anyone experienced this? Thanks
  11. DSG should pay you guys a percentage! I'm off to buy my third Vega tomorrow because of this ROM!
  12. Hi all, firstly my apologies if this has already been covered - but i'm unable to find a solution. I've installed nightly 70, and its working great but i'm unable to find a version of HTC_IME that works with the rom, it installs and lets me enable & select it, but it doesn't bring the keyboard up. I've installed quite a few versions so far, including a Gingerbread compatible version - all with the same results. Many Thanks, Dex
  13. This tool still isn't working for me! Would it be better to run this in a Linux Live CD? Thanks
  14. It is a 32 bit win 7 install, and it is saying that its all done. Its not urgent, i was just eager to get a reliable backup made. Thanks.
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