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  1. Thanks for that ROM. Works great. Only thing i can not use is "google search". Google play tells me my device is not compatible. Is it because of the armv6? Is there any way to get latest Version?
  2. LOL Tested in 22 minutes. Sorry, stop posting that stupid posts. 3G, data and display brightness needs more power. it is like it is. All brickornots out there. please post only serious tests. If not, do not post!!!
  3. I do have -87dBm here. Thats poor. :-( but the signal bar shows me full signal :-(
  4. Is do have the same "problem". The phone shows me full signal.Is there a way to see more data about the signal strength?
  5. Best setting for low battery usage: * Use 2G instead of 3G * Use data-connection only when needed * Set Brightness to low * Search for apps with "Partial Wake usage" (Use spare parts to see) I do have about 15 % browser usage (with 3G) and 3% Phone usage. Overall usage is about 20% of the time. I get a battery life about 25 hours.
  6. I read them but i cant see that anyone had success with that including me.
  7. Is there a build with this commit base on n241? (move Blade settings app into Settings menu)
  8. Thanks for your answer. Could you link me where i can find the way to update to gen3 from gen2 and tell me what are the improments in gen3.
  9. Please correct me if i am wrong: * Gen3 has speed improvement and hsupa * There is no way to update to gen2 to gen3 only go back to gen1 and then update gen3 * gen3 is only possible with windows? * Roms for gen2 do not work on gen3 * There is no (kernel-)source for gen3 Please also tell me if the above statements are true.
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