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  1. If you are using the VPN in the first place, why don't you sign up to the Amercian netflix for 8$ a month, instead of the English one?
  2. It was happening to GoCommute and several other proggies. I managed to revert back to Gingerbread last night and I am all happy, no crashes, faster and less battery drain :D
  3. I have an unbranded Orange Note too and upgraded to the ICS .03 version. I am getting crashes when posting on FB, Tapatalk and Jorte. So something strange is going on. I have also seen the lock screen pixelation and I am not that impressed with the battery life. It also seems a little laggy on occassion. Sadly all of these have been reported as ICS upgrade bugets on the Note :( Hopefully they will ship an update shortly, I read that .04 is coming out for the S3 to improve stabilisation, so maybe Note user will receive that too.
  4. Nice work :) Do you have to do the factory reset if you are running the previous version of CyanogenMod? I guess the compass was not working in that either?
  5. I ordered one on friday and received no order acknowledgement. I emailed Vodafone today and they replied and said I would be updated shortly. 15 mins later I got an email to say the order had been rejected. So I reordered it again and I am getting it delivered to my home address, rather than to a store. Seems like it has worked as my order has been confirmed and despatch will be tonight... apparently. :)
  6. I ordered this... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/220994741028?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 Don't know if it is any good yet, but like the idea of the microfibre on the inside to help clean the screen.
  7. Nice review :) One question though, can you still make and receive calls while using the app? and how well does that work? Cheers Neil :)
  8. That is the battery indicator. You can remove it in the Atomic settings.
  9. It is the old one, I compared the camera.apk files from R12 to R13, I guess it is because of the size. The new one is twice as big at about 850K. I copied the newer camera.apk across from R12 and replaced it in the R13 while I was removing the clearing of the data partitions and it managed to fit. I use the TPT 2a in your guide, so dunno which memory arrangement it actually is. I also have all the removed apps included aswell.
  10. I tried Titanium and it was crappy. I do everything inside the clockworkmod and it works fine. If you use the script posted in the thread and remove the format of the partitions then you do not need to restore anything. After a new ROM has been flashed and booted up for the first time, all I need to do is recreate the links for the Link2SD and reboot job done. :) ... Also the best option for using a new card is clockworkmod too. In the advanced settings I just used the repartition option in there and set my 32GB card to 1GB ext-sd and no swap. It was formatted to ext3, so I would stick with that. :)
  11. First off great work on this ROM, thanks :) Have you gone back to the old camera? Or has my update failed somehow? I put R12 on the other day and got the new camera and then reverted to R8 unitl R12 was fixed. I now have flashed R13 without wiping the partitions using the patch you posted above, and the camera seems to be the old one.
  12. I used this thread to do everything... http://android.modaco.com/topic/349541-faq-rooting-for-beginners-updated-26-02-12/ I had no problems following it :)
  13. Sorry for the dumbass question, I have browsed through the thread, but it is kinda big now. I have R8 and I am going to R12. How should I do this best? I just installed over the R8 and seemed to lose all apps, so I did an advanced restore of the data, cache and ext-sd. And then relinked, is the correct way of going about it? Cheers :)
  14. Found the linky for you... http://android.modaco.com/topic/346977-what-have-i-just-downloaded-from-ztes-site/
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