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  1. Thanks Wildest. I'll try it next week. I'm traveling this week. The Moto G was sold out in 15 mins once, and in 1 hour the second time here in India. Seeing its popularity, I'm sure dev work will be available. Loving the G so far, even though I'm on 4.3 and not rooted. Cheers! P
  2. Hi everyone, Nice to see a good community on Modaco for the G. After 3 years of great community support on the Blade forums, I hope to make new friends on the G forums as well. Here in India, we are getting only the dual sim version. Most of the community support I can see here and on XDA seems to be for the single sim variants. Questions - Will the root methods (1 & 2) work for the dual sim variants? Any hope for CM 11 and the other custom ROMs for dual sim version? I'm told the 2nd sim drivers are proprietary, hence custom ROMs maybe difficult. Is this true? Look fwd to interacting with you all. P
  3. JVentura - Zeelog's CM11 seems to be coming around well. Any plans of an Eco CM11 from your end, mate? :) Obrigado
  4. Okay. I found out what the problem here is. BBM for Android is for ARMv7+ only; ARMv6 is incompatible. Anyone wants a DIY project: porting the BBM app to ARMv6? ;) I can put up my 10 year old Blackberry as a prize :)
  5. Tried installing BBM through an apk (ver posted on XDA. App installs but on opening, it FCs. Same error on reinstalling/rebooting. :( Any ideas JV? Cheers!
  6. Hi jventura, Trying to install BBM on my Blade running Eco CM9. It shows the app as incompatible (as attached). Any ideas why this is so? The app says it requires Android 4.0 & up. Cheers! P
  7. Snap's point is that the original dev deserves full credit. if anything, you should have revived Sej's thread and posted your 'improvements' there itself. I'm sure everyone appreciates that you're trying your best to learn Android development. Of course, even the best devs started small. But in the open source community, there is a code of conduct that should be followed, respect for others' work primary among them. Otherwise it's not a community at all! Over at XDA, this may pass as a new ROM, but not on Modaco ;) Just my $0.02. Cheers!
  8. Totally agree with you. Too much one-upmanship & noise on XDA. I avoid tinkering on my N7 for that reason & the fact that Nexi are near - perfect out of the box. Paul OB will be happy to read this. P
  9. Brilliant mate! Thanks. It is because of selfless devs like KonstaT & you that this phone is still going strong. P
  10. Hi JVentura, Quick heads up. Just following one of the other threads: noticed there is a Android venerability that has come to light - bug 8219321 (Described here - http://googlesystem.blogspot.in/2013/07/the-8219321-android-bug.html). Used the app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bluebox.labs.onerootscanner) to check on my Eco CM7 system - our phones are vulnerable to the Masterkey bug. Do you have any plans for a patch for Eco CM7. The CM team seem to think it's a simple fix, but I have no clue (http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/45251/) Most probably relevant for Eco CM9 too. Cheers! P
  11. Try the app Root Dim, available of the Play Store. But I think CM also has the functionality built in under "Display" settings. P
  12. Thanks for working on CM9. One feature request if it's possible - Keeping the Phone app in memory (like you can the launcher app). The only reason I'm back to jventura's EcoCM7 is coz the Phone app on CM9 takes 3-4 secs to load and sometimes the contacts details don't appear for 2-3 secs when a phone call comes in. Cheers! P
  13. Hi, If any of you are still looking for a case to protect your Blade, (or as in my case, looking to hide the scuffs and nicks :)), I came across a cheap case that may fit the bill - http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shiping-Sofiz-clear-jelly-tpu-soft-case-printed-clear-screen-protector-film-for-ZTE-Blade/613484345.html It's for $3 w/ free shipping and a printed screen guard. Great deal, I thought! I'm waiting to receive it. Hope this helps someone! P
  14. Sorry, I forgot to check back on this thread. There's some dev work happening @ XDA, but I think it's hampered by the fact that availability is still an issue. Having said that, rooting & CWM is already available. I'm quite positive since the company's prev models have seen good dev work. Of course, if someone like Paul O'Brien picks it up, dev work will go thr the roof! I hope Paul is reading this :) Thanks & apologise again for the delay in the reply, P
  15. Unmesh, Sorry to say but someone should really teach you some basic decency. Devs spend time on these forums doing things for other people for free. They have lives to lead, bills to pay, etc. No one is obligated towards anyone, especially not for thankless, rude folks! Your behaviour, at best warrants a ban from the mods, and at worst gives us fellow Indians who are trying to learn, absorb & be part of this community a bad name. Joao, sorry to spam. Your work is really appreciated! Best P
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