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  1. Ooh, but backup your personal files first; they will be deleted.
  2. Might be worth a factory reset if you haven't done it already. I don't trust a tainted install; there could be all sorts of conflicts. I know it's a pain in the bum but could well save you a lot of headache in the long term.
  3. I know what you mean. I found it useful too and can't find it now either. There are alternatives in the Play Store, though. See above.
  4. Perfect! Thank you. This is excellent! To be honest, it was a two step process even in Kitkat when I think about it, so sweeping in one step with two fingers is a bonus. The Power Toggles widget does something similar to the one you describe too. I appreciate your feedback; thank you again.
  5. I've been using the update for a couple of days now and haven't found any obvious flaws yet. I did have to do a factory reset after the update installed, as I was unable to switch mobile data on through any of the channels available (e.g. toggles or the settings menu). This was fixed with a factory reset and I installed all my usual apps again manually from the Play Store. On this clean install, I haven't noticed any particular performance improvements or degradation over KitKat either way. I have more storage space available, but that's probably more to do with not having any media on there yet, a few apps still to be installed, and the cache for apps like Facebook to be rebuilt. I think the handful of small gripes I have at present are more a question of getting used to the new OS; retraining the old muscle memory to swipe up at the lockscreen instead of horizontally; having to swipe down twice to access the toggles from the notification menu...that kind of thing. Also a couple of my apps behave very differently now (BBC News app and LinkedIn Pulse). I don't know whether that's because they are designed differently for Lollipop or just a coincidence that they happen to have been completely overhauled since I last updated them (probably less than a month ago). I am slowly getting around to setting it up the way I like it. Only time will tell whether there are any issues/improvements with things like battery life, random resets and that kind of thing.
  6. Perfect! Thank you, BlueMoonRising. You are a star! Hope I get to return the favour one day.
  7. BlueMoonRising, do you happen to have a copy of Ricky's AIO tool? It's no longer hosted in his Dropbox via the link on the firts page of his thread. I'm trying to completely reset my phone to see if it sorts out my battery issues. I've tried using the reset option in the settings menu and also wiping the USB storage but it still drops by 60% overnight with no interaction from me, even with no additional apps installed. I'm wondering if a complete re-install will work.
  8. I've had mine about a year too and have the same problem. Have tried a factory reset but the battery is as bad on a fresh install with no additional apps. I suspect it's just the battery reaching the end of its life. I doubt there is much we can do to improve it beyond the usual battery conserving measures.
  9. Thank you, BlueMoonRising. I think I have probably never upgraded the version that came with Xolo ICS so never noticed.
  10. Forgive my ignorance (and I've tried using the 'search' facility) but what is the nature of the issue with Chrome working/not working? I've been using the one that came with Xolo ICS for months and not noticed any problems.
  11. Thank you for the feedback. It's almost certainly nothing to do with range, though. When I do connect to home WiFi it's a strong signal yet it can report not in range even when stood next to the router. As I say, there's no discernible rhyme or reason. I can't see any pattern or consistency. I've been using smart phones for a couple of years now and never experienced this before.
  12. I have the same problem. Sometimes WiFi settings reports my signal as not in range even though my tablet and laptop are working fine with it. Other times it forces me to log on to BT Openzone via a web page to connect when I'm at home. It's most frustrating and I have yet to discern any rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes if I select my home network in settings and press 'connect' it does nothing. It doesn't even TRY to connect.
  13. Hmmm, I updated Maps via the Play store recently and the company facility is working again now.
  14. I am fairly sure that on occasions I have been able to enable compass mode in Google Maps by tapping the 'rose' icon in the top-right corner. It certainly hasn't been working for the past few months, though. When I tap the icon, the map remains resolutely North facing and flat (not the angled view you see with the compass mode). I don't know when this feature stopped working; maybe it was when I updated from the default Orange Gingerbread to Xolo ICS, or maybe I am even harking back to a previous phone. I really can't remember but I am fairly sure it has worked with this San Diego and Xolo ICS. There is probably something really simple I am forgetting to do. Can anybody suggest what it might be please? Does this feature work for others on Xolo ICS?
  15. Yes, ity is a fairly common problem. My phone has it and others have mentioned it. As above, it's cause by hot components behind the screen. t's easy enough to live with, considering the performance of the device for the money paid.
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