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  1. frenchdroid

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    @MrDjibrilo @SyrupDErable @samjam Thanks very much for the advice. She wants the ROM to do everything apart from using Bluetooth. I have a version of JB that runs on my Arc - it isn't 100% but I can use it as a daily ROM no problem. I was just wondering if this version of JB for the G300 is the same i.e. not 100% but works fine for daily use.
  2. frenchdroid

    [JB] [4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 [ROM]

    Sorry to do this. My daughter is asking me for a new ROM for her G300. Is this 10.1 OK for daily use ? I have a version for my Arc and it works great as a daily but I wasn't sure about this one. I checked Dazzozo's notes but seems like I need to read 140 pages if I want to find out for sure. Any advice much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the replies - all sorted now.
  4. Really sorry to post a new topic for this but my daughter is home from uni and I have limited time to fix her phone. So, I'm hoping some kind soul is online who might be able to answer a quick question. When she got her phone, I loaded up Infusion ROM and it has been pretty good for the most part. Unfortunately, every few months, the phone turns off and gets stuck on the white Huawei loading screen. Once I fixed this by just taking the battery out and waiting for a while - then it restarted. However, last week it wouldn't start no matter what. So, my daughter booted in to Clockwork Mod and tried to restore a recent backup and it said MD5 mismatch. Then she restored a very old back-up and the phone is basically back to stock. Clockwork mod doesn't seem to work - neither does vol up or vol down with power on - just boots in to stock rom. The phone status shows its on build number B926 with baseband 2030 and Android ver. 4.03, kernel version is 3.08-perf-00158-g222d0d1 So, I want to know what I should do to just get her a decent ROM on there. Do I just start again following the guide for 5 year olds and assume the phone is out of the box ? Or is there anything particular I should do ? If anyone is kind enough to answer, could you recommend a very stable ROM please - doesn't need to be flashy (although the latest stable would be a bonus if it has some bells and whistles). Thanks in advance
  5. @Tillaz - cheers for the quick reply. Apart from the extra goodness of B04, is she fine on B01 for now i.e. there isn't anything broken as such, or would you recommend an upgrade for the sake of stability ? (she hasn't had any problems with it, by the way).
  6. Hi guys - I'm bracing myself for a kicking because I haven't read the last 50 pages of the thread and search didn't throw up what I needed. I have a really tiny question regarding this rom and my daughters phone - trying to get it sorted before she goes away for the week. So, I installed this rom as soon as she got the phone in August, following the correct procedure and it is working fine. I haven't updated the phone with any new Infusion roms since then so her phone says she is on Infusion B934 Beta 1 (which, as I said, was from around early August). This morning, her phone offered her an OTA update which said it will update her phone to B04. I remember reading about Tillaz testing the OTA update function but because my daughter was happy with the rom an wasn't at home anymore I just stopped following progress. Q: Is it safe to do this ? And if so, will it wipe everything or do I need to do anything to restore data, apps, etc ? Thanks for any help you can give.
  7. Exactly - nothings wrong with my phones wi-fi :P Just my understanding of my router. Like I said, thanks to you and Cyda, I thought to dig around in the settings a bit more. So relieved I don't have to spend more time trying different things.
  8. S***, guess I better confess to being an idiot :huh: Thanks to the posts by the two of you, I stumbled across a setting in my router that I hadn't noticed before !! My router settings are in french, which I speak OK, but hadn't really figured this one out until now. I think its to do with filtering MAC addresses, and once I turned it off, it connects fine. Well, at least this might help someone who doesn't know there way around their router settings. Thanks for your help.
  9. Cheers Cyda. I did what you suggested and the phone does see that I've set security on the router. I enter the password and it marks the connection as "saved" underneath the connection name (my router). So its doing something although its just the same as before i.e. doesn't show that its trying to connect, no wi-fi symbol in the top bar, and the wi-fi symbol next to my router connection stays white (I assume it goes blue when it connects). And I tried to get on the web just in case I was really connected to the router but it wasn't showing, but nada. What steps should I take next ? All the way back to whatever was before B892 ? And how would I do that because I didn't back up before doing the upgrade to B892, which was over wi-fi.
  10. Try to be brief: Bought G300 from Tesco Direct (U8815 model) in UK. Didn't put Vodafone sim in it. Connected to friends wireless router just to have a play - wi-fi worked immediately and offered me update. Did this and got to B892. Returned to France, tried to connect to my wireless router - get connecting message, then disconnecting message, repeating that continuously - but won't connect. Got phone unlocked and put in UK Orange PAYG sim - works fine. Read these threads and saw that some people said that perhaps wi-fi gets broken doing the update to B892, but that installing new official firmware might help. Instead of downgrading, I did the steps to get on Infusion B934 Beta 1 - so I put official B926 on first, rooted, bootloader unlocked, CWM, and then Infusion. Everything is working fine with Infusion except I still haven't fixed wi-fi. I tried wi-fi when I got to B926 too - nothing. All it does is show the wi-fi signal for my router, but when I connect I now (on B926 or Infusion) get no feedback or message. It just gives me the option to connect after I have hit the connect button. I have turned the router on and off, etc. I don't have security on the router as we live in the middle of nowhere. Thanks in advance for any advice (feels good to be back after my first visits with the San Francisco). Cheers.
  11. Great - thats very helpful. Thanks a lot.
  12. Hi sej and everyone I'm near Limoges (Brit in France like you, sej). Does this mean I qualify for a bit of extra help ?? I am trying to sort out my daughters constantly rebooting Blade which is on a way old Gen2 CM7. I used to read this thread all the time and needless to say, coming back to it after a couple of months, I'm lost. I just saw a link to and talk of the sej's compiled 3 plus 2 thingy, so thought I'd go for that. Can I just download this to the SD and install like normal CM7 downloads ? Is there anything special I need to know about it using it or anything I need to do. Thanks in advance
  13. frenchdroid

    Hi and how to sim unlock Xperia Arc

    Keep your faith in them ! I just checked my emails and found this topic notification and also, finally, the unlock code. It took over 2 weeks and I was really frustrated with the waiting. I emailed loads of times and half of the time I got a stupid response like "yes, it should be with us shortly", sometimes no response. I was on the verge of opening a dispute resolution but I realised that the code for the Arc is probably hard to get (or something like that ;) - I thought I heard that they can only get it via Sony Ericsson instead of the other methods that are often available, so I was prepared to wait a while). Now I can attempt to flash back to 2.3.2, root, and then do an OTA to 2.3.3 - assuming that no working sim card was stopping me from getting the OTA update.
  14. frenchdroid

    Hi and how to sim unlock Xperia Arc

    @trained_killa - thanks for the info re unlock code. Its nearly two weeks now so I'm keeping faith. And yeah, I agree, stock Arc is fine for me. My old Orange San Fransisco was all about the flexibility to overclock it for the little bit of extra performance and I appreciated the opportunity to have the little tweaks with CyanogenMod 7 and other custom ROMS. The Xperia Arc is about the screen and other hardware - I'm loving it so far, and its more than capable for what I need plus the camera and video is great. However, having root on 2.3.3 would be perfect. In case anyone reading this thread isn't already aware of it, it is now possible to root the Arc while using 2.3.3 (previously, it was lost when moving from 2.3.2). Someone discovered and posted over at XDA that you need to do the OTA upgrade from a rooted 2.3.2 (not via SEUS, PC Companion or by flashing the firmware via Flashtool). Its possible to flash back to 2.3.2 using flashtool, then root and then do the OTA upgrade. Apparently it works no problem, although I can't tell you for sure because I think I need a working sim in the phone to do the OTA - and as I don't have my code .... I can't get the OTA to work.
  15. frenchdroid

    Hi and how to sim unlock Xperia Arc

    Cheers Seraphic. By the way, did Cellunlockers dick around for ages sending multiple emails requesting the IEMI and serial no ?? They asked me about 4 or 5 times and I then get an auto response back saying my code has been answered. I still have some faith that they will deliver as you and others have said it turns up in the end but they seem a weird outfit in the way they communicate. Ahh - don't tempt me with the Desire HD. I had been thinking about selling the Arc to buy a Desire HD but don't think so now. I think I love the camera too much on the Arc and I'm dealing with my rom and modding addiction by keeping with the Arc :D What I mean is, I do miss the opportunity to mess with my phone as much as you can on HTC, etc, but in another way, its nice just to stick with what you have got without the constant checking forums to see what is new, spending ages figuring out how to do stuff, etc. In fact, I love the hardware on the Arc (screen, etc) and think its plenty fast enough for what I want. Just updated to 2.3.3 but still waiting for the unlock code (only 3 or 4 days not counting the weekend).

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