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  1. I hadn't had any freezes or reboots on CM10 or this particular rom. It's worth mentioning that I have my blade oc'd to 729MHz and it's really smooth, responsible AND stable.
  2. Not sure why but CM 10.1 seems laggier to me. Thanks daemond for keeping this alive.
  3. Apparently (there's a pretty big discussion on Reddit) THIS: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1987032&nocache=1 "provides significant lag reduction" to Android. It basically solves the issue with the limited entropy pool in /dev/random. Has anyone tried it? Any opinions?
  4. Go to Advanced settings (ZTE Blade Settings) and Calibrate proximity sensor.
  5. Sorry if it was answered before - does the automatic brightness work?
  6. My phone is being woken up every few minutes, how can I check what app causes it?
  7. Has anyone noticed an echo during a call? I can hear my voice coming back to me after a slight delay.
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