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  1. I got fed up waiting! There have been several facebook app updates / bug fixes, but still the problem remains. I went and purchased 'Flow', which is far superior to the generic facebook app :-)
  2. As discussed here... http://androidforums.com/desire-hd-support...sappearing.html The issue with all of the latest releases of facebook, including 1.5.2 where the thumbnails randomly go blank (white boxes) - initially when facebook starts, all of the thumbnails load correctly, however after using facebook for a while, the thumbs start to disappear - again as discussed in the above linked thread. Anyone found a workaround / fix for this rather irritating problem?
  3. For a while I was wondering if I was the only person, who took his laptop / phone into the bathroom, to surf whilst errrrm well you get the picture. I did a bit of research and it turns out there is loads of people who regularly take their devices into the bog! As a toungue-in-cheek homage, I setup a small website dedicated to people who like to... well take their gadgets into the bathroom! However I started messing around with other ideas, and its becoming a bit of a portal project. http://www.toiletsurfers.co.uk Let me know what you think :(
  4. I haven't no... but this thread was for discussing wireless tethering in win7 not usb tethering.... still will test it later today...
  5. Yup, I got this the other day... initially I thought it was a hardware fault with the phone... however a restart solved the issue. I don't use the camera much...
  6. This thread seems to have gone stale... anyone got any suggestions?
  7. I'm surprised this issue hasn't been discussed before? Or has it?
  8. Its related to Windows 7 yes, but it is still a phone / software problem in the way it negotiates with the OS... as I mentioned in my initial post, the MIFI device I use has no such connection delays in Windows 7.
  9. Good to hear that its not just me... but again it just seems to be a Windows 7 issue and not XP. I even tried it in Ubuntu and it connects almost instantly
  10. I'm currently running MoDaCo Custom Froyo ROM (R11). What I'm noticing in Windows 7 only, is that after I've turned on the tethering option, and try and connect to the Android Wireless... there is a considerable delay in Windows 7 finding a connection... ie it connects to the physical network fairly quickly, but for a good minute or so, Windows reports that there is no internet connection... after a minute or so, it finds a working internet connection and am good to go. Now before anyone asks, yes, Im in a good connection area and have a HSDPA connection etc Initially I thought it was a problem with the phone / rom... however I have a dual boot laptop and on testing the tethering when running xp, it connects very quickly, and can start browsing the internet immediately. I thought it could be a minor problem with my Windows 7 installation... however I have a portable 'Three MIFI' device which I connect to without delays... This is not just a once off, this delay happens every time under Windows 7 but not in XP. Whilst its not a major issue, its irritating and wondered if anyone else had noticed this connecting delay when using tethering?
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