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  1. Guys, Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I could not find any reference to it in this forum. I have installed the latest ROM exactly according to instructions, but I cannot use the camcorder - It looks like its recording normally, but the recorded video is unplayable and has a black thumbnail. Any ideas? BTW I have a Vivacity
  2. Quick update - I have experienced zero reboots using the SiyahKernel v3.2.1 The phone has been rock stable all this time. I seem to have a proble with Data though. It does not seem to support 3G / HSDPA data, or if it does I cannot get my usual APN to work. Any ideas?
  3. I installed the SiyahKernel v3.2.1 maybe it solves my spontaneous rebooting problem. will let you know how it goes.
  4. barely 4 hours after installation and I got my first reboot! I cannot understand what's happening. Is definitely the ROM because in the few days I was using the F1 Galaxy Nexus I did not get a single reboot. Any ideas?
  5. Downloading the DCLP3 ROM now. Hopefully the reboots issue is resolved. Gary, FYI, the Gdrive link is down. Any idea when a 4.04 ROM is available? I tried a Nexus Galaxy port and I loved the interface. Pity the ROM was incomplete and some parts not working. But 4.04 is a lovely interface and a definite improvement over 4.03
  6. Hi Gary, The reboots are quite random - maybe once or twice a day - can take hours between reboots - even after its been over 8 hrs on. And the fone works perfectly with no glitches while its on. My friend's fone had nothing restored - it was a clean installation. i can send you logs if you tell me where I can find them. Cheers Mark
  7. Yes - I am referring to the DXLP9. I never had any issues with the other versions. And the funny thing is that I would not be doing anything at all when it happens. I only notice because i hear the tone while it reboots. Same thing happens to my friend's fone but once it did not reboot, it just got stuck. He had to remove/replace the battery to turn on the fone. Any logs I can check to see what's happening?
  8. Hi, Is anyone else getting random reboots with this ROM? I installed this ROM on mine and a friends SGS2, and we are both getting random reboots. I have followed the instructions to the letter as always, and only this time it is happening. In my case I have restored the DATA from a nandroid backup, but my friends was a completely new install so I cannot understand what's happening.
  9. Installed XWLP7 - instantly felt smoother - did a CWM Backup before and a Data only restore afterwards. Perfect! Thanks Gary :)
  10. Yep but the quality is very good unlike others i had. I bought 4 of these and I live outside the UK.
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150712368864?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 Fits like a glove :)
  12. Anybody tried to change the lock screen background with one of your own pictures? I can't seem to do it - it just seems to freeze with the screen completely black and finally comes back with an error that "Unfortunately, gallery has stopped" **EDIT** I had not done a factory reset after install. Did it and all it fine now. :)
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