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  1. Not sure how much help I will get considering the phone is now pretty old but anyway... I own the T-Mobile version of the HTC Hero and I paid for an unlock code to use other sim cards. Since doing this I now can't place calls or send/receive texts on any sim card, even T-Mobile. It says I have signal (including 3g) but I just can't seem to use it. I've tried installing a custom ROM and that hasn't helped either. Other than that the phone works fine and I can browse the internet on WiFi. Any ideas? Would like to have it available as a spare phone. Thanks
  2. Thanks, do you know why when I go to settings -> about phone -> system update it will only let me check for updates, not install from the SD card?
  3. Hi, I'm currently running the CM9 rom on my T-Mobile Vivacity (UK) but I'm having a few issues with my phone so I want to revert to the stock rom to see if they improve or maybe try and get a replacement from T-Mobile if it's a hardware fault. I found this advice in another thread: If I do this via the system update would it also remove clockwork mod? So if I sent it back to the store it would not appear to have been modded. Also, my phone says the baseband version is P736VB01 and all the versions on that site are P736VV1.0.0B__ so I'm not sure which to download? Thanks
  4. Camera is still not working for my vivacity on latest build. Always says it's not responding.
  5. I used CWM to install the ROM but now it just won't seem to let me boot in to it. Is there another way to get in to CWM other than vol down on reboot?
  6. Got myself in a bit of a mess... loaded the rom but it wouldn't install the google app pack so I can't get on the Play Store. Is there a way to get this on? When I reboot with volume down it just sticks on FTM screen rather than going to clockwork mod? Seem to have tried a bit more than I can handle.
  7. Could someone re upload the files to rapidshare or another file sharing site that hasn't stopped working since all the Megaupload stuff? Thanks Actually, WUpload works, but the only file I need (Unlock_VIVACITY.zip) is also the only file not uploaded on WUpload at the moment...
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