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  1. I'd bet it's just all of the changes from the gerrit (so, it is just like another nightly). Here is the usual 'all the upstream changes' link.
  2. Change the date in the title please, 2014-08-16 will be like in two months ;) I believe the update was released on 06.13. Regarding the ROM, its good that somebody still does something for the Blade! I believe this might be the most stable rom for the time being, but zeelog's job on kitkat is remarkable as well. Great community and devs, thank you for all the job being done. If only somebody would find time to rewrite fm radio from scratch, everything would be complete :P Time to learn some C/C++/java :D
  3. You can't have Chrome on ZTE Blade because it's compiled for ARMv7 chips (CPUs) while Blade has an ARMv6 one... Same goes for many other apps you can't install (or even find if you are not using the website) from Google Play.
  4. My Blade is now more than 3 years old, and after replacing a broken screen last year it works as it was new (I update ROM frequently and all that). Unfortunately, my battery is not looking to good. It appears to be swollen, now it has such a bump that I can't close the battery cover properly. It seems dangerous to use it now. My battery cover has also three out of four press studs broken (I don't know the proper word for it, google translate says its either: press stud, latch or fastener). I mean the things that keep the cover in place, that makes the "click" sound. I am willing to buy either new or used battery, as long as it is not swollen, preferably from a member of this forum that has a few posts or a trustworthy ebay seller. I also want to buy a new battery cover (can't go with a used one, it wouldn't be comfortable for me...). Anyone knows a reliable seller? I know many of you have already moved on and either sold their Blades or keep them somewhere in case their new phone would break, but maybe somebody has some spare parts (like if somebody has bricked their Blade or something). I am particularly looking for a battery replacement (stock preferably), used one is absolutely fine as long as it can keep me going for about a day, like my old stock battery. Photos on imgur (caution, ugly ;) )
  5. I remember someone compiled a working one, overvolted his blade and burned the chip overnight... Worst way of bricking the device IMHO, you can't fix it in any cheap way, you've got to buy a new phone. I am pretty sure the sources were released, but I can't find them now. Gaining few MHz isn't worth the extra hassle in my opinion. It's still ARMv6 without NEON instructions and lots of other stuff so OCing it a bit further wouldn't help by much. The battery life and chip's life would get shorter as well. I am thinking of moving to some better device, ZTE V970 seems like a nice option for me. If you want extra power, go for a new device, don't try to damage your current one, you'll be better of selling it to someone...
  6. Better handling of opened, closed and background apps /services (I suppose that since our old 2.x kernel there was quite a number of changes till the 3.4 version, so the newer is much better, and plaguedbypenguins ported it back from the newer to our older). You might not notice any improvements at all, but it could prevent some issues with lagging apps (eg. more RAM could be free'd so games would run a little faster).
  7. First time I used: "Blue center clock with 25% transparent notification pulldown". Now I am using "White center clock+25% transparent statusbar pulldown+semitransparent statusbar". I guess it has to do with a line in the .xml file, I remember I used to make my own transparent statusbar on CM7 using some tutorials on the internet and when I messed up something some pieces of statusbar wouldn't show. I can look into your files and compare them with default CM10.1 ones to see what's changed and what might cause it, but I don't have time for it now...
  8. Battery status on statusbar (the line along the top) doesn't work (icon, percentage, circle, percentage in circle work, but statusbar option doesn't) - it just doesn't show there. Please fix this, I've tried your transparent statusbar but battery status option doesn't work on it (I can't see it, it doesn't show). Without your mod it does...
  9. I've downloaded "Blue center clock with 25% transparent notification pulldown" but I found one issue - battery status on statusbar doesn't work (icon, percentage, circle, percentage in circle work, but statusbar option doesn't). Transparent statusbar would also be a great option to have :)
  10. I get it often in YouTube. Launch YouTube (make sure it was closed last time, not "minimized" like when you press home, not back), choose any video and rotate it (to landscape) right after it starts playing, then back to portrait - green and other colors should appear on the top of the screen.
  11. hecatae says Qualcomm has released an updated adreno driver, I'm pushing the news forward to see if our devs could use it so we can all benefit from it (if it does improve on the graphics/gaming/etc side).
  12. I'm experiencing an issue: when I pick up call (I hope I used the right words - I'm not native english speaker- anyway I mean that someone calls me and I answer it) they simply don't hear me for a first few seconds. I've got a habit of quickly saying "hi" or "yes?" (or something like that, really short words) just after answering it - I say the phrase in the meantime between me swiping the answer key/button and putting the phone to my ear. I do it all together, all at once, instantly, and I didn't have a problem like this on CM7 - but now on CM10.1 (the 20.2 build) people which call me say to me (after a few seconds) "why didn't you say anything when you picked up the phone" when I actually did, but the phone laged or smth and it didn't record / pass on what I said (but it kind of unlocks after a few seconds). I thought it happened on accident (maybe I said "hi" before picking the phone) but after a week or so nearly everyone that called me said to me "why didn't I say something", so I believe it's an issue in the ROM. It feels like it "unlocks" the mic. when I put the phone to my face and after the screen turns black (recognizes that it is at my face), while I say "hi" just before it.
  13. I've noticed that as well, but except that everything is working fine. I like the new auto brightness adjustment option :) ROM is very fast and responsive. I've noticed few flashes ago that the main cause of system slowing down is the official Facebook app (it's services are kept in the background, using resources) - I've uninstalled it and since then I didn't experience any lags whatsoever.
  14. I've noticed some graphical glitches when using app like YouTube, notably when playing a video and rotating the screen - what I see happening is statusbar flicker: after rotating the phone on it's side ("horizontal") the statusbar disappears and then appears again, but it shows small (the same size as in "portrait") and then it does a fold-like thing and is of full width again. I sometimes also see a green pixelating thing when rotating the screen (usually when rotating from horizontal to portrait). What I find annoying is that the screen rotates only about 4 seconds after I rotate the phone - it used to be instant on CM7. I'm trying to report on what might be an issue (but it may be something on my side, however I've done full wipe before flashing this ROM). Please don't take it as an complain, because I consider this ROM an awesome work and I am really glad I can use it. I couldn't dream that I would get so many updates to my phone, and it still gets better, so thank you devs, especially thank you KonstaT. I just want to be helpful and to help to make this ROM even better. If I can help with some logs for these above issues please let me know, I'll do my best.
  15. Bluetooth works for me partialy - pairing, visibility etc. is OK, but when I tried to receive 15MB file but the connection broke in about 75%: it said the connection was stopped/corrupted (something like that) on my device, whilst it insisted that it was still transfering on the one that was sending the file (but it recognised it disconnected after a minute or so). The sending device is ZTE Blade with CM7 and I tried to receive the file on ZTE Blade with this ROM. I will try to repeat it this night and provide some logs if it happens again. I did a full wipe before installing this ROM (I was previously on CM7 with some old clockwork recovery, I updated to the one posted a few days ago by KonstaT, then I did a nandroid backup and formated /system and /data and installed this ROM and gapps from here, did a few reboots afterwards).
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