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  1. It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much..It is now unlocked and with Froyo..Don't know if it had always 2.2 but now it does.. REDHAWKKUK if I could I would buy you a beer or a six pack with beers!!!
  2. Wow..You're like the Yoda of ZTE...Will try again and report ;) As for the phone it's surely Greek and so not locked.
  3. This phone is killing me :P I installed the program, it finds my phone but as you can see in the photo this is what happens...
  4. Will try and report back..I actually don't want to update it just format it so I think it will work.Thank you!!
  5. This phone is stupid...I have tried more than 40 times... I put out the battery for some seconds.Insert the battery in.I press Vol up good and strong and then press power on.I keep pressing both buttons for 1 second.After that I release the power button and keep on pressing the vol up button.And the phone just boots normally every time with every combination (keep pressing more or less each button)..What am I doing wrong? Btw, if I press Vol down and power then a FTM screen comes up..Does this help?
  6. Hello my friends :) I found a ZTE Racer at the train as I was traveling...I left it at the station but since noone came to get it for 1 week it is now mine...The thing is that it has a locked pattern.Can anyone help me to hard reset it?I tried to enter bootloader or recovery with adb and also tried Vol+ with Power button at the same time while the device is of but it just normally boots... So got any ideas?
  7. Hello! After what Elop said and after my N8 has been replaced for a second time (I have it less time than NOKIA Service has) I will be selling the new replaced one and I will buy a Samsung Galaxy S.Although I thought it a lot and wasn't sure which is better (Desire or SGS) I made my choice.Now, what I want your help is to advise me what ROM is the best to put in my SGS. I know the sites to get it, I will learn the procedure how to put a ROM but it's impossible to find out which is the best besides trying them all out.But I don't have so much time.I can try 2-3 so all your recommendations will be tested in the following weeks :D
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