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  1. I should point out I am using a mac and a lot of solutions assume a windows user
  2. Thanks Just tried that but at point "followed by './superboot-mac.sh'" it says "no such file or directory"
  3. Evening all I haven't been on Monaco for some time. I used various ROM's on my Huwaei G300 and before that my San Fransisco since buying a MotoG LTE I haven't felt the need to stick a ROM. My wife owns a Nexus 7 2012, which we upgraded to Android 5.0 but it runs so slow that it is almost unusable. I was inclined to root it and install Paranoid Android but I am really struggling to get it rooted. I have the boot loader unlocked but having spent 3 hours Googling a solution and trying various methods I still cannot get it unlocked. Could anyone help? Many thanks Darren
  4. Anybody having any issues with it? I have been notified of the update on my Moto g LTE but some reports suggest issues.
  5. Hi krishang3 I have installed this on my brothers g300 however I dont have a notification banner? Any ideas on how to fix this?
  6. I'm not sure if it is specific to this ROM or ICS but I have been missing calls today and i think it is because the ringtone is only ringing once. I tested it by ringing myself using another phone. Regardless of the ringtone I use it plas a cycle and then stops. The incoming call does not disconnect but it is not ringing. As a work around I am currently using a lengthy ringtone.
  7. Great ROM. Have been running it since Wednesday night and this is so much better than the stock vodafone update. The battery life on that was shocking, this is much better. Thank you so much. Has any one adjusted the settings using "No Frills" I am surious as to what clock speeds and settings people are using, I am particularly interested in whether I can extract even more battery life by adjusting the settings?
  8. Just installed this and so far very happy. Many thanks One question. Can I remove the calender app that is default as I will want to install google calender?
  9. OKay I have installed RSL9 but every time I tried to install the undervolt kernel it would freeze. I have manged to change to GEN2 by using: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1258855 I then flashed the undervolt kernel and all seems well. Looking forward to how the battery improvance is. Many thanks
  10. Thanks targetbsp That certainly sets my mind to rest although I am still concerned regarding the GEN1 or GEN2 to situation. If I flash RLS9 as I am I should be fine? But if I want Swedish Snow will that also be fine (subject to full wipe) because the first page on Swedish Snow states that it is for GEN2 only? Apologies if I am missing something.
  11. KonstaT Thank you for this ROM it's wonderful. I am on RLS7 and I am really happy with it but I am wondering if the undervolt kernel would make my battery life even better than it is? My question is three fold. Is the undervolt kernel worth installing (will it really improve the battery much?)? If I install will it cause any side effects? And do I flash a kernel the same way as I flashed the ROM when installing RLS7? Apologies if the anwer to my questions are elsewhere, I did look but did not get the answer I was after. Thank you kindly.
  12. Hi all I installed this last wek and love it, much smoother however today my battery appears to have suddenly dropped off at an alarming rate. I have not installed any new apps and the phone has been sat on my desk unused. Any idea why it would suddenly do this?
  13. Hello I can sync all my Google apps except for gallery. It always says: "Sync is currently experiencing problems it will be back shortly" Suffice to say this has been the same for 3 days. Any ideas?
  14. Have now received a MMS so I can confirm that the above works in full. Many thanks.
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