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  1. If I knew how to add a language my friend I would add many languages. I dont create these roms. Joyos team does. Contact them for any request www.joyos.cn
  2. No miraculous change. If you find the older versions laggy then you would find this as well. You can watch my video or read my post. I say how to navigate through language selection
  3. It doesnt support greek language. If someone knows how to put a language in a rom, I would be glad to work with him to make this rom have more languages. As for the overclocking it has cyanogenmog settings and you can overclock from there or download no frills cpu..
  4. Mine recognizes a 16gb fat32 sdcard hc that I have put from my friend's samsung galaxy s plus so i dont think there is a problem with the sdcard on this rom.
  5. I dont know my friend. I dont use exchange accounts. Maybe someone else can help you. Here is a rapidshare link: https://rapidshare.com/files/1188018838/update-JOYOS1.1.7-Blade.zip
  6. I can't tell about the bluetooth handset. I dont have one so i can try it. Also, these apps you tell me I cant fined them in market from my phone.. Only fron internet but they dont install. I dont know whats the problem. If anyone knows for both troubles lets say.
  7. which apps are these? can you name them so we can see if this happens to us too?
  8. Epyloxias the only way to update without downloading the updates from here is to manually do it (OTA update) from your phone by going to settings->about phone->system update and check if there is a new update. However this way may not work so to be sure i would recommend to download each update.. :) Jeddy συμφωνω μαζι σου..
  9. Εβαλα μεγαλε για την τελευταια ομως εκδοση.. Thanks mate. I will keep updating.. :)
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