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  1. New Nightly from today cm-7-20120729-NIGHTLY-blade.zip md5sum: 9e05cd6e40f3e39bedebe1173ce1812a
  2. New nightly released today: cm-7-20120722-NIGHTLY-blade.zip md5sum: 926081b292c045e6675ed3e76dcded59 For changes see changelog
  3. Yes, works like a charm. Perhaps you have to activate this mode. Go to settings, storage, press menu and choose the mode you prefer: MTP, PTP and Mass storage.
  4. RC3 released today. http://get.cm/?device=blade
  5. I'm using the latest Nightly from April 20th. Well, the latest fix for dhcp-something did the trick for my blade. My battery impressively improved. I get about 60 hours off of one charge. So please, freeze this state, declare it CM7.2 stable release and move on to CM9. ;)
  6. Of course this battery drain is not ok. The culprit seems to be Android OS. On my phone Android is in the lower single digits, 3% to be precise. So, only thing is you need to identify which process consumes the power. If you tip on the entry, it should elaborate a little.
  7. Even better. It seems the latest installs cracked the 140 barrier also. With v10 custom TPT package, my /system partition is 144 MiB big.
  8. +1 The false reported depp sleep is gone. Thank you guys. All personell involved is doing a great job. Your work is highly appreciated.
  9. Well, I encountered two more things. CPUSpy reports also the phone to be completely in deep sleep. This is just a minor annoyance. More severe is the failing proximity sensor. If I cover the sensor just briefly, proximity works. If I cover the sensor more than a couple seconds, the display remains black. I reset the proximity data to defaults and calibrated the sensor several times. I noticed that the data for threshold were back in the triple digits. With the latest nightly feb25, proximity sensor worked fine and they were in the quadruple digits.
  10. I don't believe it. I checked my router setting (a vodafone easy box), it was set up for g-mode only. I changed to mixed mode (b+g), installed sej's KANG from 27th and guess what? Exactly, my wifi was connected even before I entered my PIN. Of course it's only 11 mbps, but hey. At least, it's not my phone that's special or broken. That's a relief. Sorry for causing so much hay yesterday.
  11. Not really. I just dabbled with the new kernel and some recent CM7 KANG builds and the latest nightly. Of course I tried first and foremost your KANG, completely as it is. All your previous KANGs work perfectly on my phone. As always, I wiped cache and /system, installed the ROM and GApps. Then I wiped dalvik, too. Wifi didn't work. I even tried a full wipe with factory reset. Still no working wifi. I didn't try an older kernel (from the latest nightly or even the uv-kernel) with your KANG, that seemed pointless even to me. ;)
  12. I had the same problem with burstlams latest cm7 kernel, if that's any help. And yes, your report on gerrit is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I didn't. I installed the kernel from sej's build on top of the regular feb25 nightly.
  14. My Base Lutea (the german OEM ZTE Blade) is a Gen1 LCD, 5 MPX camera, roughly 14 months old, bought early january 2011. Yes, wifi works with the regular 2012-02-25 NIGHTLY. However, Tom's new kernel does also NOT work with the regular nightly. There I got only error, when trying to enable wifi. With your KANG, wifi tries to connect but fails, tries to connect and so on. Ah, ok. I didn't wipe dalvik, only cache and formatted /system,. I'll give wipe dalvik a try. Nope, wipe dalvik doesn't make any difference. Even a full wipe was unsuccessful. I give up. ;). At least the new system font looks nice. :)
  15. What call recorder App do you suggest?Apparently the new kernel breaks wifi. wifi isn't working with sej's last KANG.

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