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  1. i'm always ready to be a tester LOL
  2. It's supported but i think MT can't get much benefit since the processor has only single core 800mhz... I got class 6 on mine and it worked good...
  3. please make a flashable update so i don't have to lose all my settings. thank you :)
  4. superandrex thank you for Azur Metal S 2, but i can i have a way to enable acer lockscreen? thank you
  5. i have this problem on miui v4 too :) and everything goes to normal when i flash gingerbread rom. thank you
  6. lens, sometimes when i want to send SMS, it just says "sending", it's stuck until i reboot device. Is it a bug or something else that i didn't notice? thank you
  7. you said that your rom have updated version of adreno 205. Will it cause hot problem?
  8. Hello technolover thank you for 1.4c now accelometer works but may i ask, anyone here compares speed of accelometer of 1.4c is slower than 1.3a (you may feel it when playing games like temple run), is it just my feeling or i missed something? thank you
  9. have you changed your cable?
  10. can i update from 7.24 to 7.27 without wipe all ?
  11. TechnoLover 1.4b broke auto rotate...would you please to fix this ?
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