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  1. The file is called "CM9-PRE-RC0-BLADE-GAPP-signed.zip".....take a wild guess!! :P
  2. Could you possibly provide any LESS information? ffs even if English isn't your first language you can use Google Translate!!!!
  3. It will arrive when it gets here. There is no schedule or contract to deliver.....just have to wait patiently :)
  4. Thanks burstlam.....works perfectly. How can I remove the Google search icon from the task bar?
  5. I'm with him ^^ I can get 3 days out of the latest CM7. This ROM will tell you loads of information about what has been using the battery.....learn to use. and don't post here "tell me how" because that just makes you lazy and stupid! :P
  6. The current CM7 is most excellent (to quote the great Bill S Preston Esquire). It now shows your next calendar appointment on the lock screen but not SMS or missed call details. It would seem a logical progression for CM7 though :) Any ROM offering this would be using a 3rd party app.
  7. True....we have limited moderation and maintenance.
  8. Not at all.....it's a request that n00bs that don't read all the instructions don't over react in the forums before putting some effort into reading the stickies.
  9. Stupid!? error = error wtf did you expect?
  10. He's referring to a system where if the phone has weak/no mobile network coverage it will use wifi for calls and text etc. It's on the Monte Carlo. Read all about it.
  11. Whilst you may point out that people, like me, that think this poll is pointless and stupid do not need to vote or take any notice of it.....some more susceptible users may well attempt to believe the meaningless conclusions of such a "poll".
  12. Blah blah blah........ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.............. So many people posting babble and crap about nothing......sorry to pick on you Kamikaze but you're another post filling the thread with more tiresome whining bilge. N241 came out yesterday lunchtime. You have hardly given it any form of bedding in and allowed the OS to familiarise it's self with the battery capacity drain speed. There were so many updates in N241 that it should be treated as a new ROM and then cycle the battery properly. This thread is not a competition to see who can find a problem the fastest. Especially when the "problem" is unfounded and based on zero effort or testing.
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