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  1. So i managed to forget my pattern unlock after i changed it and lock myself out of my one s to the stage where you can only sign in with your google account. However for some reason this isn't working properly (data and wifi are turned off so maybe because it needs to connect to the google servers). What happens is i type in my googlemail and password and i click sign in, and it just clears the password field and nothing else seems to happen, occasionally i see a connecting message for a split second but it goes away pretty quick. So I looked online and there are suggestions that the way to get round this problem is to do a hard factory reset. Booting holding volume down should bring me to the bootloader says google... but what i see instead is the soft buttons flashing on and off then it just boots normally. Does anyone have any ideas, with or without a factory reset, though without is obviously prefrerable.
  2. I have spend some time recently developing My Website on juggling, mainly as a hobby and a way to learn html, css, javascript etc... But also with the hope that in the long term it might actually bring in a reasonable amount of revenue from ads. I would appreciate any feedback/advice.
  3. The sensation can be overclocked to at least 1.267 ghz from a quick google, but as a previous poster mentioned, clock speed cannot be compared like for like. Also bear in mind that the blade is arm 6. Again, missing the point, although that's just a number, video on our blades is appalling, and the sensation simply can't be compared to it. Likewise, That wasn't the point, you can get a 3 megapixel sensory superior to an 8 megapixel one, however in this instance, the sensations in leagues better. the blade has a plastic screen No, that would not improve the specs of it or the build quality, it would be pointless. You obviously don't understand how expensive development is, and the Chinese companies sell better chips/sensors/materials for more, otherwise the blade would contain these.Most development however happens in the developed world.
  4. It's not a rip off when you compare specs, take a htc Sensation for example, containing a 1.2ghz dual core processor, compared to a measly 600 mhz single core one. Although by no means perfect, its 8 megapixel sensor is far superior to our blade's, it is also capable of shooting 1080p video. These comparisons could continue, better gpu, front facing camera, better res and bigger screen, gorilla glass not plastic display, aluminium unibody compared to plastic, larger battery, shipped with gingerbread. The other thing that people like is the build quality, buying an htc ensures a good build quality where as buying a zte doesn't. Part of the cost comes from having to manufacture better hardware, the other extra cost comes from the need for development to make a flagship phone.
  5. It also had a worse cpu and our blade's one is bad enough!
  6. Obviously anything with a remembered password they can access. So most probably.
  7. That's a standard force close message, it doesn't tell us anything. My suggestion would be a full wipe and re flash the rom but you might as well try the others first as they will be easier and you will lose less stuff.
  8. If there is no response at all there is no way of them knowing that it is rooted and has a custom rom - just go to your local orange shop and throw a tantrum (with an orange sim inside of course).
  9. That looks pretty nice! I wish it also gave 3g functionality, and I'm concerned about how the screen will look with a price that low.
  10. Surely you mean a mirrored raid if you are worried about data, not a striped one which increases the risk of data loss. But that wouldn't allow you to have one free for rendering...
  11. Probably, although if she knew enough to do that she's know that the latest android version for phones is gingerbread. Edit: I've got them to send me a new one out between 9 and 1 tomorrow.
  12. That's exactly what I was thinking, I do have a micro-sd card reader but still, I don't see this working, and I think that it has been out less than a year they can't call me up on my warantee. I am also considering that providing I get a new one, flogging it on ebay as mint condition perhaps unlocking & flashing CM7, and buying a second hand desire. I'd like a at least half decent camera, and the processor, they seem to be going for around £170 now so it's probs a £60 upgrade as blades still go high.
  13. Fair point ShahinTehShiz - I did that in the end. Ok, I went today. In my local town we no longer have an orange store - we have an everything everywhere one. The guy gave me another micro sd card and it didn't work (surprise...). He then told me to phone 450 and get to technical support. I talked to the person at the other end, and said when did I get it ect, asked if I had tried rebooting and I said yeah, told me to factory reset, I did but to no avail. They then told me to go to android and find android 2.2 (which she said was the latest version... muppet) and follow instructions on the site to load it to my blade. I wasn't at home but was finding this suspect. Anyway, said fine and went home, as I thought I'd have to have looked to say that I couldn't find it. Anyway, they are closed now but I'm going to phone back tomorrow saying that it's no obvious where to find the download. Do they expect me to put absolutely stock 2.2 on? Anyway, they said if they can't fix it I'd be entitled to a new phone. They aren't open now so I can't call back but I will tomorrow.
  14. Ok I'll look for it, what about re-locking?
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