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  1. use only the built-in S2E or, if that doesn't work, install it from here: i think it's possible that two or more of them work against each other like two anti-virus-programs on your pc ;)
  2. I've had completely different problems with S2E, but this helped for me:
  3. clock works, ok ... whats with the alarm clock function? i think i read some issues with that...
  4. Am I the only one who flashed the new Gapps and has a broken Google Now now? :blush:
  5. OK, I just TPT'd from 160MB to 180MB system partition and installed a fresh 4th-of-october-version following the tut in 1st post and S2E does the same sh*t - can someone help me, plz?
  6. sry, just wanted to have a site for the latest zip of it instead of directlink does anyone know how to disable the unnecessary softkeys?
  7. nice - where did you find miui? and, much more interesting, how? ;)
  8. I am going to test this ROM - sounds really nice to me. But two questions: a) Is it possible that 160MB could be enough? edit: Oh, it has S2E included, BUT: "S2E" wurde leider beendet. ("S2E" was unfortunately closed.) - any clues? :(
  9. I already use Link2SD but I want to try INT2EXT4+ now. Can I just install it or have to install all from nothing again?
  10. since the last update my alarm clock doesn't work (doesn't ring, only vibrates) - the folder "Alarms" on the SD-card is empty also - even though I strictly followed KonstaTs instructions "Updating from some other ROM". the .ogg-files in /system/media/audio/alarms do exist does someone have a clue?
  11. Am I too dumb to reduce the number of Homescreens? :huh: Apart from that, good job :)

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