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  1. Oh. My Moto G 2014 has full read/write access to the MicroSD and can move apps. Is that something unique to Motorola? I thought what they put on their phones was very near stock Android.
  2. So I just had to get a Tesco Hudl 2 at the price, to see if it could be a bigger-screen replacement for the Nexus 7. I was curious to see what you could get for £130 (almost as an act of rebellion when I saw how much Google want for the Nexus 9). Unfortunately this post is going to look like a long list of negatives. I don't hate the thing -- it's very impressive for the price -- but you know how it goes at this quality level: the failings keep adding up. Positives: - A good solid KitKat experience for £130. - MicroSD support (although there are issues...) - Performance is more than acceptable for this price range, with less Intel/x86 incompatibilities than people feared. - Filled with useful apps if you're a Tesco shopper. Negatives: - It's heavy! 410g is a bit too heavy for the size, and that's not great for reading ebooks for long periods. - The screen is very yellow. I prefer a warm screen to a cool screen, but this is much too yellow, with creamy whites and unnatural colours. It's also duller than most screens and you have to crank up the brightness, yet its lowest brightness isn't as low as other screens go -- again bad for e-reading. - "16GB" is really 9.12GB. You'd expect at least 12GB, so where on earth did those gigs go? The ROM can't be that bloated. At least there's MicroSD support... - Except the MicroSD seems blocked for anything other than reading media. There are no "Move to MicroSD" options for apps, and there are some instabilities: the emulator Retroarch crashes if I try to play game roms from the MicroSD. - Battery life is poor. I would say 6 hours of screen-on time in airplane mode, 5 hours of screen-on time with wi-fi. It will also lose up to 10% charge overnight. Now we know the battery is 5710mAh, why is it performing so poorly? The Hudl 2 gets hot at the rear... I'd almost forgotten that phones and tablets used to get hot. Perhaps its the x86 Intel Atom processor not being energy efficient. - Cameras are completely useless, but that's to be expected. Nice to see Photosphere and Panorama available, which means there's a gyroscope... but with such awful cameras it doesn't matter. Conclusion: The Tesco Hudl 2 isn't really for me -- it's meant for parents who shop in Tesco and decide to buy their first family tablet because the kids have been nagging them for one. So unfortunately, my experiment to see if I could enjoy an 8.3-inch Android tablet that costs £130 has ended in failure. I can't enjoy it much. I'd personally need to pay more for something with higher quality.
  3. When I got into Android, one of the biggest disappointments was that I saw no easy access to "groups" in contacts. My Google contacts list has people divided into categories like Work, Friends, etc; but the stock Android dialer/contacts has no easy way to filter the list by groups. I've had cheap basic phones that filtered groups easily! Is there a dialer/contacts app that does group contact filtering?
  4. I also noticed that JJ9 gave accurate and varied readings in Settings>About phone>Battery use, but every other ROM I have tried shows Android System using at least 90%. This doesn't mean your battery is being used improperly. It's a pointless reading. If you really want to see how the battery is being used, check out Spare Parts which comes with the ROM. It will give you a much more accurate list of which apps and services have used the CPU, and it will tell you if anything is keeping the phone partially awake when it should be sleeping. Of the three Froyo ROMs I have tried - Modaco, Jellyfish, FLB G2 - I saw a pretty similar battery life in all of them. Perhaps this one slightly has the edge because it behaves a bit better with less partial wake usage
  5. When people talk about white stripes on the camera, what do they mean? I have noticed that the camera suffers from interference, but I don't know if that's the same thing other people mean. In certain rooms with certain lighting, I see moving horizontal interference lines, and they are quite clear in the resulting photos and videos. Trouble is, I don't know if they are an error introduced in a ROM, or a hardware imperfection that was there all along. It was definitely a problem in all the 2.2 custom ROMs I have tried, but cannot remember if it was a problem on stock Orange. While I'm on the subject of the camera, is any 2.2 ROM going to solve the issue of exposure settings not working?
  6. Install the r10b zip with clockworkmod. No data/cache wipe needed. I think the r10b extras zip can be installed at the same time before rebooting too.
  7. Wallpapers need to be 960x800, so that the wallpaper can scroll horizontally as you flick between homescreens. If you put this on your phone and select all of it when you set it as your wallpaper, the centre of the image will fit your middle homescreen. But it will scroll off when you flick to other homescreens. There is a setting in Launcher Pro (if you use this) to disable wallpaper scrolling. I don't know if this is helpful.
  8. The choice of things on the power widget is not what I want. It doesn't toggle data, and I don't even know what the SD card icon means. Instead I have Widgetsoid set up with widgets to toggle precisely all the things I want. Also, I actually don't want the notification area crowded with a power widget. So I used the Gingerbread theme before it was updated.
  9. 1) You don't need to store Titanium Backup's files to your computer - they are kept on the SD card, and only used WITH Titanium Backup. Of course you can copy anything from your SD card to your computer if you want backups in case of SD card failure. 2) Pressing volume up + power is for using fastboot, which is ONE way of getting ClockworkMod installed. Newer SanFran's have disabled volume up + power. Another method of installing ClockworkMod doesn't involve being connected to a computer at all: you can install an app called RecoveryManager, which is made available for download on this forum. With RecoveryManager on your phone, it then lets you install ClockworkMod through the app. Find the correct threads for more info. 3) Standard Application control settings should show an "Uninstall" button for apps that you have downloaded or placed on the phone. Of course apps that came preloaded cannot be uninstalled -- that's what Titanium Backup can be used for. 4) - 5) I don't know if the notepad app can read txt files or import notes. From what I saw of this ZTE app it's crude and limited. If you want access to txt files in general, you should find a document reader from the Market. And get a better free notepad app as well. 6) You should be able to store music anywhere on the SD card and the music player will see them. I made a folder called Music. 7) Mounting the SD card doesn't need drivers. The SD card will show up as a drive, regardless of drivers. You would need drivers if you ever wanted to manipulate the phone using fastboot or ADB from a command line. 8) Wifi has issues, mainly that it disconnects when the phone sleeps and fails to reconnect by itself. On the stock ROM you will need an app from the market called Blade Wifi Fix to make wifi come back after sleeping. Custom ROMs try their best to fix all wifi issues. Also, the SanFran is a bit delicate with routers in general. 9) - 10) - 11) In the Task Manager's list of running apps you can tap the cross next to each one to kill it. Or install a Task Killer. Note that there is debate about whether Task Killers are useful or not. There usually isn't reason to care about tasks being suspended in the background. 12) - 13) I've always had trouble with root apps failing to be granted superuser permissions on startup, and they just sit there doing nothing. Titanium Backup is a culprit. You just have to mess around in Task Manager killing Superuser and Titanium Backup and trying again until it behaves. 14) - 15) Silent Mode is for the ringer volume. Media volume is separate. You can set the levels in Settings>Sound>Volume, or find an app/widget that makes these settings more easily available. 14 - you repeated numbers) I find it annoying when the homescreens switch to landscape. Not much you can do on the stock launchers, but if you install LauncherPro - which is recommended for lots of reasons - it has an option to disable landscape mode for the homescreens. 15) - 16) - 17) -
  10. I haven't got the wrong end of the stick. I did not suggest that giffgaff is run from the same offices or by the same people as O2; I only stated that giffgaff is owned by Telefonica. Which it is. I said that giffgaff is an experimental company funded by Telefonica, which doesn't impede their other major UK phone company O2. Which is true. From your own link: "We finally presented the finished proposal to the O2 and Telefonica boards in early 2009. They said yes straight away ... I think O2 see giffgaff as their cheeky little cousin." Or perhaps Giffgaff's own site: http://giffgaff.com/index/us which says: "We are a fully independent company but we are part of the overall Telefonica O2 family." Or this thread which says more: http://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Help-Ask-...onica/m-p/21662 "Yes giffgaff is ultimately owned by telefonica, as we make clear in the 'about us' section of this site ... giffgaff is legally and operationally a separate company, with our own record at Companies House, it's just that the funding to create giffgaff came from O2 telefonica, and we run our service on the O2 network. Robbie Hearn Chief of Member Experience at giffgaff"
  11. It runs fine for me, on FLB r10b Froyo. Perfectly fast and smooth. The only slowness with the 3D buildings seems to come from the speed that it can download them.
  12. Replying to things raised by your videos brightroar. But I think you will have sorted most of this out by now. I'm the wall-of-text guy by the way. Ready for another? :huh: The best thread to get a step-by-step guide on rooting/clockworkmod/ROM installation would probably be this: http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...-the-zte-blade/ But you don't really need it now you have done it yourself! MD5 is a long code that is generated by a file. This means that if a file is different than it is supposed to be - even by a single byte - the MD5 code will not be the same. It's a good way to check that your downloaded files are not corrupt. Threads on this forum that offer download links will include the correct MD5 next to the download link. You should check that your downloaded file matches this. How to check? The thread I mentioned above tells you how to do it. Universal Androot and RecoveryManager are apps that aren't available on the Android Market. You have to download the APK files from the internet. Universal Androot has a website, and RecoveryManager is available in a thread here. Note that you don't need either of them now! To allow apps from unknown sources: Go to the Settings app, choose "Applications" from the list, and check the box for "Unknown sources". You can put files anywhere on your SD card. Clockworkmod lets you choose where to find your files. Here's a random tip while I'm here: if you ever want to add mp3 ringtones and stuff to your phone, you can make folders on your SD card called Ringtones, Notifications and Alarms. Android then merges your sounds into the correct lists if they are in these folders. Anyway, all of this is just for your interest if you want to know how stuff works. Your problem is almost certainly a BROKEN HANDSET. I have also suffered the extreme annoyance of taking something back to a shop and it works when you demonstrate it to the salespeople. If you wish to try another Orange shop (or wait til the "successful" shop gets more stock), remember to revert your phone to the stock Orange ROM or they might not take it back. If you didn't make a backup in clockworkmod before installing the new ROM, you can find the original Orange ROM somewhere on the forum and install it the same way.
  13. Giffgaff is owned by Telefonica, the parent company that also owns O2, and it uses O2's network. Think of Giffgaff like an experiment where you get a great deal if you've discovered it. But not many people will ever discover it because it's an internet-only company with no shops. It will never threaten O2 by gaining a comparable customer base, so Telefonica lets the experiment continue. Think how much money it costs to lease high-street retail buildings in every town and city in the UK, and how many staff members get paid in each shop, and how many people work in administration and customer support. And how much O2 spend on TV, radio and print advertising, and sporting sponsorship. Giffgaff has none of these things. They have one fairly anonymous office with a few staff members. Then think how few people actually use Giffgaff compared to the major networks. It must be a tiny fraction. And then only a small number of Giffgaff customers will be heavy data users.
  14. While I was using up the Orange credit, I didn't bother with Dolphin at all. I asked them to put me on Raccoon (12p calls to all phones, no monthly topup needed to keep it), and then bought a £5 Extra that gives 250MB of data for a month. This extra was activated very quickly.
  15. I got unreliable GPS at first -- it just wouldn't get a lock. So I tried switching GPS on and off a few times, and restarted Maps a few times, and eventually the GPS locked fine. Not ideal... but no better or worse than other ROMs I have used. One slight difference to other ROMs: When I start up Maps and wait for the GPS to lock on, this ROM momentarily deactivates mobile data, activates wifi, then disconnects the wifi and goes back to mobile data. That's what's happening in the notification bar anyway. Why? Edit: flibblesan answered this while I was typing :huh: I'm also getting much worse location recognition in general lately, but I don't think that's the fault of the ROM -- I think that's my recent change to Giffgaff. Often my weather widget just says "United Kingdom", which means it hasn't got my location from the O2 masts.
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