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  1. CM7 is the fastest ROM to date, only downside is the battery... Can't thank you enough for everything you've done for us! Thanks Raverrrrrrr and n4ny4nrules
  2. Just want to day that this is an excellent rom and now takes the place of best ROM i've ever used (including Fish N' Chips and Snow). Unmatched customisation and super smooth and fast
  3. I've done it myself already! I want it for the greater good of the community and let them have the fun. Shame that wingman is losing interest :(
  4. Glad you finally got it ;), Just the notifcation area like the one in my pictures
  5. And change the notification background to white? It really does improve visibilty
  6. Thats normal, it always only plays through that speaker
  7. What do you think of making the noctification area white like I've shown? For the undervolt, I say its not worth the effort
  8. I don't think the undervolting made a difference in terms of battery life. Didn't notice any significant improvements between the two ROMS
  9. Hey devs, I want to make a formal recommedation for the ROM. Its a visual change rather than internal change and I think people would appreciate more. I've been used RLS2 AND 3 and now 3.2 of this ROM a=and its brilliant but whats held it back is the notifcation area. I can hardly see the writing on the notifications on either 100% black or transparent. So I recommend changing it to white instead so people don't encounter this problem, Here are the results As you can see I can read the notifications now whereas the black used to clash with the black notification area
  10. Don't see why'd you want an android for that... If you just wanted to phone, why not get a £10 phone
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