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  1. Anyone has a problem with - "airplane mode" doesn't disabling Wifi ?
  2. so i'm waiting for your next build,thx :)
  3. Thanks for your builds, but can you include a soft button patch? I've tried decompiling framework-res, changing values and compiling again, but got boot-loop :( It's only 2 lines editing and your builds can get one, useful feature (for people who like soft buttons, other can simply don't enable them )...
  4. https://hotfile.com/dl/156011461/43e7938/Pre-CM9-AOKP-REMIX-RC6.5-BLADE-full-signed.zip.html
  5. file name "boot-wbaw-cm7-gen2-blade120223.zip" explains everything - it's for CM7 and GEN2
  6. For broken WiFi you can flash WBAWs kernel (worked for me): http://depositfiles.com/files/4rgcrjy2a MD5: 33db29965ea4854f8d8cce0dc60b3817
  7. If somebody is interested, here is (at last) official Froyo from polish mobile network operator PLAY: http://www.play.pl/resources/_files/drivers/ZTE_Blade_update_to_2-2-2_version_PLAY.rar
  8. yes.. but you can unroot it easily, you can't go back from GEN2
  9. same here.... but when I switch WiFi OFF Blade is sleeping properly
  10. Unfortunately smartdialer doesn't work :( - many FC and I've lost root access...

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