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  1. Thanks, i will try rom manager tommorow.
  2. I created a new folder in clockworkmod folder using ifilemanager and named it 'corvus' then moved the folder with all the img files into that folder. When i booted to clockwork and selected restore i selected the folder named 'corvus' but i just got a wrong md5 sum error, so any other way of doing this? thanks
  3. Will renaming the clockwork backups to make them easier to identify screw up the restore? or is there a better/safer way of knowing which backup,has which rom on it. Im assuming that as long as i dont mess with the image files, but just change the folder name the md5 sum wont be messed up?
  4. Update: After more scouring the forums ive finally stopped sweating and managed to flash back to modded stock rom :) TBH im sort of glad my vega screwed up on me as i now have a bit more knowledge about getting it back to its default state.
  5. hi, Installed vegacomb 9n with update 3 for 9n yesterday and everything was running great. Rebooted a few times and everything ok. However, i left on charge overnight and just came home from work, unpugged charger, switched on and all i get is the Vegacomb breaking up as usual but then it just keeps looping the same animation. Ive held down power button, shutting it down and tried again but same thing happens. Any ideas as to what is wrong and can i fix it? I also cant get into clockwork using the 2 sec button sequence.
  6. I had same problems with stock browser so i installed Dolphin HD then in the settings of Dolphin i made it the default browser. Installed flash 11 from market and havent had any crashes for 3 hours now.
  7. Sidders

    Theme help

    Worked fine :) Im now on Vegacomb and WOW, this is the dogs danglers. Had a problem with stock browser crashing but i installed Dolphin HD and updated flash to 11 and no crashes in Dolphin up to now. Big thanks to all the team who gave us these roms, great work.
  8. Sidders

    Theme help

    Thats great :) Thanks for your help.
  9. Sidders

    Theme help

    Hi all, I have Corvus5 running but im still a n00b when it comes to installing other add on's, like theme's Can anybody tell me how to get the honeycomb theme running please? (i have the honeycomb theme by Partner2 on sd card in zip format) but i cant figure out how to get it running. Thanks
  10. Id like the Formula 1.com app to run on the sf, but its not supported ;)
  11. Installed r6 the other day and after applying the contacts and wifi fixes im very happy up to now, even tvcatch is working great. Big thumbs up to Flib and others who have gave us this release.
  12. Ahh sorry, ill rephrase. I mean that im running 2.1 now.
  13. Oh well, the phone is functioning ok so ill accept it could be dodgy monitoring.
  14. Signed up again, logged in, select a channel, click here to start stream, nothing happening after 5 minutes. Does this work on custom 2.1?
  15. Hi, my battery temp is as high as 44C, is this normal or safe? Sometimes it drops to 22-27.
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