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  1. LOL, it is across the whole range, not just the san diego. But I agree I could have used this a couple of years back ;)
  2. As the topic says, an official unlock code from EE is now £8.99 rather than £20.42. I hope this is useful to someone who otherwise might not have bothered :)
  3. LOL, it's a mild annoyance at worst mate. If I want it off I tend just to switch it onto flight mode and occasionally reboot it if I feel it needs one. This is still the best ROM I have used for this phone so kudos to you :)
  4. I had a similar problem when I tried this ROM with an older version of clockworkmod recovery. Upgrading to a later version solved the problem for me. I am now having an issue where the phone switches itself back on 10 minutes after shutting it down though, which is weird.
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