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  1. cwalton4077

    Where can I find MCR r22 to download

    will the nexus rom r24 work on the g2?
  2. cwalton4077

    r2 sense rom problems on my g2

    Ok rally? No one scan help me?
  3. On i flashed the r2 sense rom from modaco onto my t mobile g2 and i have been having problems with my superuser app force closeing alot and every time i try to send a picture message it says genaric network failure. I have posted this on a few places but no one will help me..... someone pleas help me
  4. cwalton4077

    sense r2 problems

    Ok i got all that on my other post taken care off. But now i cant send pictuer messages. I have tryed over 20 times and they all faild to send. I was wondering if there is a update i need to flash or maybe something in the settings.... has any onr had this problem? Oh and i have the r2 sense not the r1.
  5. cwalton4077

    sense r2 problems

    okay I just downloaded the r1 Sense and flashed it on to my g2. It seems that i am no longer rooted. My superuser app keeps failing and force closing. I cant open any apps that need root access. I turnd the phone off and tryed to turn it on in recovery by holding the volume and power down to see if it still said s off but nothing would happen and when i let go the modaco thing pops up it it turns back on. I cant go to recovery with rom manager eather is wont work eather. Can someone pleas hellp me. I would be vary gratefull
  6. Flashed the r2 sense. I lobe it but I just found out that I can't send picture messages. I tried to send one like 20 did times and they all fails to send. I can up load to Facebook but not mms. Is there a up date I need? Has anyone had this problem?
  7. ok i just flashed this r2 rom and i do love it. but it seems that im not rooted it keed sayin that me super user faild and i cant gain root access. i tryed to turn it on by holding the valume down and the power butten to see if it still says s off but it wont do any thing. i hold them down and nothing happens so i let go and it just turns back on. can any one please help me

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