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  1. Ok thanks for the help. I did return my zte light back to stock using a guide by kallt kaffe and rerooted it and installed your rom. Did check my partition and now it was 220mb system, so all is ok :) But i really don't think the systempartition was the problem because i still got the same problems. But the funny thing is it took about 30min-1hour of the rom up and runing and then suddenly it got fast as hell! Now everything works as it should :) So if you get problems, a bit of patience (one hour or so) could solve alot :) Yeah the Zte blade has alot of tpt's that you could change your patition with :) I have that phone and have done some tpt's throughout the years :) But i think the original partition for the blade is 220 mb system if your'e on 2.2 and higher.
  2. Im not 100% sure it is 190mb or more, but i cant remember that i have changed the partition ever. And originally it should be like 220mb if gen2 and android 2.2 right? But i have done alot of flashes and modifying on it over the past. Is there an easy way to check partition size?? any program/app that i can use to repartition the tablet? Btw cm7 runs awesome on my tablet, no problems, everything is working fine there. I really hope i will find out what im doing wrong/what is wrong, because i have this rom on my blade and i love it :)
  3. Ok, will try that. Is there any newer recovery than cwm rustorg for our tablet? I have that one.
  4. Hi! I have tried all of thoose things you mentioned, but still i cant get this rom to work properly. Some problems i have: Android.phone.process hangs, Market loads very slow if even at all and i cant download anything, sd-card takes very long time to acess from filemanager, Overall performance is really slow, take about 10 sec to enter the appdrawer, settings etc. No matter how many full wipes and clean installs i do, the problems still exist :S Any ideas on what i am missing? could my recovery partion be corrupt? :S
  5. bamsebiffen

    ZTE Blade video recording

    For cm7 you can use the file on page 2 (at the bottom of the page) in this thread: Follow the instructions he posted. Than you can record @800x480 with lgcamera (and other video apps). i use h263 encoder, mpeg4, ACC audio encoder. I may work on ginger stir fry and other gingerbread roms, but i havent tested.
  6. bamsebiffen

    Flash for Orange San fransico

    Found this article to : http://www.dcellphoneshop.com/cell-phone/f...l-qualcomm.html Zte blade are mentioned there under MSM7x27. So there's hope ;)
  7. i did try ''generation x-green theme'' for SS rls2 on rls 3. And it seems to be working just fine :D

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