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  1. Left my zte blade almost one year ago and now running a flagship device. I came here today to pay homage to KonstaT and Co and I want to say thank you for being such a great supporter of this device and really make a difference to us that use your builds! On a sidenote, it's remarkable that blade is getting these releases!
  2. Newest build works like a charm form me. Cred and thanks to KonstanT and ALL other participating Devs!
  3. Nice 2 know; I'm using 3g data all the time and feel no "massive drain".
  4. For me its no difference, almost better with this build, regarding battery performance. If I see one big issue right now it's that I can't, for the love of all nerdy things, get Link2Sd to work properly. The apps still eat up my internal memory/space. I've read that something is being discussed about sd-ext and such but I'm seriously not that intelligent to figure out if it apply to my issue.
  5. My personal opinion is that this release is in total a better ROM than CM9 for our blades are right now. I dont care about camera recorder so that might be a bummer for some people... I feel no significant lag in using the device at all. Might be naive of me, but I kinda love this :)
  6. I ran CM9 up until 2012-08-21 release of this ROM. This is my daily driver since. Increadable job done by all devs!!
  7. Dude, check your system sieze before flahing anything. Read the posts on this and the last four pages and it will be clear what you need to do. - This is not a "for-daily-use" ROM, thats why the dev has a tag in the post-name [dev]. Also, always do nandroid backups before flashing anything. Always. aaaalways.
  8. Dude, you may need to re-think what you are doing here. This is a development forum and this specific thread is marked DEV... Read first post and then go reflect on your life somewhere :) mmmkay?
  9. Dudes, regarding the Youtube-app-thingy-issue... - On my device, running CFX 28/6 I cant watch Youtube in HQ at all. Because of my settings in Youtube (When on Wifi use HQ) the app always crashes when trying to watch vid's at home (my wifi is on here). ...so, try unboxing that checkbox and try the vid's in LQ. But you probably already know this //Noobie-YouTubii
  10. kaherdin

    Do clarity on ICS

    Have you tried searching the forums for Battery drain? If you aint gonna use the rom youre on now, why dont you flash a different rom and try for your self? im not having any battery drains and have been running all of the most frequent used rom in theese forums.
  11. OK, I seem to be alone with this issue, thinkiing, others would reply quicker otherwise. It will be a wipe and restore then. Btw, swiftkey is horrorbly slow on my Blade right now...
  12. Hi Came from Coldfusion X today. Wiped all and formated system, flashed ROM, booted, waited för ten minutes and then flashed attached gapps package in first post. All working as hoped exept calendar sync. It tells me that there is an issue with syncing and wont show my google calendars at all. Any suggestions, anyone.
  13. kaherdin

    Qualcomm releases ICS drivers for ARMv6 GPUs

    thanx Qualcomm!!!
  14. I just wanted the video patch, so I just went into recovery mode and flashed it and rebooted. The results are that in stuck in boot animation and it wont clear into android. Did a factory reset/wipe just now and it's still in on boot animation. I would not recommend flashing this unless doing a "fresh installment" of your entire system. I will now wipe, format and reinstall the ROM.
  15. An experienced user as your self should benefit greatly of reading the first post s l o w l y.

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