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  1. adi116

    EB Thread

    Hello! may tao pa ba dito?
  2. adi116

    EB Thread

    hinde, ang hirap na mag-organize. di rin kasi ako laging online e. can anyone arrange this EB? inform nyo na lang ako pag matutuloy. :D
  3. adi116

    EB Thread

    Pano na? tuloy natin this friday?
  4. adi116

    EB Thread

    oks lang sa akin yung 7th. calling all the thursday group! join na tayo. :D
  5. adi116

    EB Thread

    So here's the updated list of attendees as of March 29; Adi - sure david-ruffin - parking is free... chicks are grrrreeaaaaattttt!!!!!!! PZEE - Uwi yata ng probinsya tomli - sama ko dyan sa eb ha. rodnav - April 8... check ko sched ko... Bragol - let's set-up an EB! skayote - sama din ako basta pwede mag commute papunta dun sa place na yun... kapitan jackal - im in. chibako - pag wala kami exhibit that day, count me in! @kapitan jackal, oo kap, libre parking. @skayote - pre lapit lang to, sa tapat lang ng meralco. pwede ka sumakay ng jeep or g-liner na bus then lakad ka lang konti. to all, are you comfortable doing this Eb on April 8? I-move na lang kaya natin ng ibang date para mas madami maka-sama, saka baka puno ang parking dun pag friday, and most of all reasons, nasa puerto gallera pala ako sa April 9. :D kung gusto nyo puerto gallera EB na lang! :twisted:
  6. just for a laugh, Gina Mapua was one of the judges of the Toastmasters area contest held at Meralco, she was introduced as Gina Malayan. :D
  7. adi116

    EB Thread

    Just keep posting here para mabuo natin ang line-up ng pupunta. Kung gusto nyo din sa Metrowalk tayo, dami na din ok na tambayan dun. so, here's the partial unofficial attendance list: Adi - sure david-ruffin - sounds great! PZEE - Uuy EB! tomli - sama ko dyan sa eb ha. rodnav - April 8... check ko sched ko... Bragol - let's set-up an EB!
  8. adi116

    EB Thread

    Dito na lang ulit within Ortigas or Megamall area. May I suggest, dito sa may servitek sa tapat ng Meralco gate 2, 20 pesos lang ang beer, mura pulutan, ok ang place, dami pa magandang chicks. Anyone this April 8? Please post here for those who are interested. Calling pyke, rodnav, chibako, bragol, randy, pzee, marioluis, kap, and everyone, gising na, EB na! 8)
  9. welcome to the malayan insurance este mapuan and friends thread!
  10. Kahit san pa kayo makarating, once a Mapuan always a Mapuan! We are not a Malayan and we will never be. They could change the name of our school but they could never take away our freedom (ala braveheart)!!! M-I-T fight (2x) Viva Mapua!!!
  11. Updated -> Version F314, Released 02/02/05 February 2, 2005 - BibleReader F314 New! - Fixed the Search form not clearing - Added in menu commands to select the active window (2 windows are supported) - Added support for all deuterocanonical books in the Verse chooser December 21, 2004 - BibleReader F221 - Should fix the exit issue, re-paints issues. December 18, 2004 - BibleReader F220 - Should fix the exit issue, re-paints, and - adds bookmark go to on the left action menu key. December 14, 2004 - BibleReader F218 - Fixed a few scrolling re-draw issues - Fixed bookmark delete confirmation. December 9, 2004 - BibleReader F216 - Fixed search field not clearing. - Title bar now indicates which Bible and Reference location you are at. - Fixed a few colors. - Prompt before deleting a bookmark. - Pressing Phone End can exit the BibleReader. October 14, 2004 - BibleReader F107 released! - Fixes for bookmarks, notes back button, search, sample text in proper color and font, - More colors and Clear Type support. - Bookmarks, Personal Notes, and options saved to a persistent location. - Scrolling options: line, verse, chapter, book, screen for up/down and left/right - In screen scroll mode, proper word wrap and scrolling is fixed - Option for overlap one line on screen scrolling - Verse format modes: automatic, paragraph, and verse - Text size, foreground and background colors, and style can be set for each window - Search, Find and Find Next Options with a few basic search ranges - Split Window configuration options - Up to 2 Bibles can be displayed at a time, will be handy for reference material - With Split windows the bottom window is the focus window for Bible, verse location, font size, and colors - Now supports eBooks - Bookmarks - Personal Notes - Clear Type font quality support for more info visit: http://www.olivetree12.com/smartphone/mssm.../smartphone.htm
  12. Basta ako, I will always be a Mapuan! Ano man ang ipalit nilang name Mapua Institute of Technology pa din ang nasa transcript ko. Ang kawawa dyan yung mga students lalo na yung mga graduating pa lang. All the while alam mo na Mapua ang napasukan mo, wala kang kamalay malay Malayan Insurance na pala! :shock:
  13. Thanks for the info. I'm waiting for this kind of app for my SPV for such a long time.
  14. @PZEE mukhang ako yata ang #1 victim dito a? Layo pa birthday ko bro. anyways belated happy birthday! anong balita sa EB nyo last nyt?
  15. adi116

    EB Thread

    mga pards anong balita sa EB? sory di ako nakapunta. :cry:
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