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  1. same here, smoother UI. Smarter sync (=better battery life). no crashes. Also unlocked +5mb more ram ?:S used to have 558, now 563.. shouldn't really matter bur still weird :P
  2. since the latest update (2.3.4) I've gained +5mb memory? :P I now have a total of 563 instead of 558. Also the available memory seems higher during idle (150-200) instead of 100-170
  3. A new update has been released for the Sensation, 2.3.4 Buggfixes, overall performance enhancments, home screen smoothness and also videocalls over Google Talk downloading it now, ill be back later if I notice something good/bad http://www.eurodroid...live-in-europe/ http://www.swedroid....ras-till-2-3-4/
  4. i have fairly large hands and I find it perfect. sometimes the wake/power button is hard to reach, depends on how your'e holding the phone. In general no prob but sometimes u'll might need to use your second hand to wake. otherwise, awsome screen for movies/browsing.
  5. I've noticed some overall smoothness, it's also supposed to improve batterylife, dont know bout that yet tho. wasn't suppose to be anything major
  6. mines pending between 100-200mb available during idle/normal usage total: 558 :/
  7. no idea on the itunes question, never used it on the connection tho, you will see several bars in addition to your reception bars if you have wifi uplink, otherwise u'll see something like E, R, G, 3G or H - depending on your SIM/operator
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