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  1. I used this rom for about a day until i needed navigation. I ran into an issue i had with some other roms as well, The phone rebooted while trying to find gps location. And did this on a couple of separate tries.
  2. Awsome finaly a asop 2.3.7! One thong i wonder, does this include undervolt for cpu / wifi for better battery life!
  3. i flashed the last version last night. And I must say thank you for the awesome rom!!!! The UI is silky smooth and all apps I use work perfectly fine
  4. I loved my bladen for the last two years.. But now im Looking to upgrade it. Im hoping to fond a nice Phone with a comunity compareable to this one... Anyone has suggestions?
  5. For the chinese ppl who wanna keep us updated for this rom, it might be a good idea to post it on http://dev-host.org/ As far as i know its accesible in China as well as in the rest of the world and the speed is way better then 115.com at least for us european ppl. Thanks in advance!
  6. Does anyone know if the new rom has undervolting and gpu overclock included?
  7. Yep i modded one of the usb exention cables this way. Now my phone will always quickcharge :D
  8. I just installed this theme on rls5. It deens to work allright from now.
  9. I realy like this rom, but for now i gone back to gingerbread again... i tried all the a2sd scripts for ics i could find, but non of them seemed to work. it installed fine and the phone did boot. But the a2sd gui app said the script was not running right.
  10. I tried this package with the burstlam 5.5.1 but it gave me the same issues as i have with the coldfusion rom. It asks me for a sim unlock, but the code i configured does not work then when i cancel the message i can still make phonecalls etc. And it gave me random blackscreens and reboots.
  11. For some reason, with this rom im getting a simlock message which i dont get with ohter roms, after i cancel the message i can make phonecalls etc just fine. Anyone has an idea where this comes from?
  12. i must say awesome work man! Been waiting for a true miui ROM for ages.. but for now im going back to swedish snow, becouse ics roms cant beat gingerbread in terms of stableness and speed just yet. :(
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