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  1. Wow! Awesome rom! The absolute best yet! :D Thank you C3CO! Anyone having trouble with the proximity sensor not working? I have calibrated, rebooted. Reset to default, rebooted. Still screen stays on during calls. Any ideas?
  2. My Blade is retired from daily use and was wondering if I could use it to replace the crusty old laptop that I use as a download server. This would save me cupboard space and use less electricity :) Can anyone recommend an app/way of remotely queueing up files on the phone so that they can download autonomously. I.e a way that I can send the URL from my PC or an android tablet to the blade without actually taking the blade out of the cupboard. Then when it is done i can just access the file from the blade over wifi and copy it to another device. It would just be for http downloads not torrents. At the moment all the little blade does is stream Pandora radio through my stereo 24/7 :D Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Strange, I seem to be the only one having a mobile data issue. My mobile data doesn't connect. Or it does on the rarest occasion. But mostly the signal bars remain grey and depending on if I have it on 2G or 3G the E or the H flash in and out (also in grey). I did a fresh install. Using correct apn settings. In a good coverage area. Plenty of airtime loaded on sim. Switched back to CM9 Paranoid and it works as normal. Any ideas
  4. I have the strangest problem, certain apps in the play store give me the error "You're device isn't compatible with this version" And I can't download them So far I got this with Poweramp, Link2SD and Tunnelbear. Also, if I search for google maps I get no result. Any idea what is causing this? Thanks
  5. Wow! That looks amazing AdamisHun, what are you using for your launcher, widgets etc?
  6. Thanks! It works but I wish Google would just integrate it into the talk app for ARM6 devices. This only works over the loud speaker also. Appreciate your help though!
  7. Thanks, Vtok looks like it will do the job. I'm just having trouble accessing it in the play store. (says it's not compatible with my phone) I've edited the build.prop file ro.product.model = Nexus S ro.product.manufacturer = samsung but still can't get it?
  8. Is there any way/app that allows voice calling via google's video/voice service? I know that google has not released an ARM6 compatible version of the talk app but is there not another app that supports making even just voice calls on the skate? The point for me would be to call gmail contacts in their browsers. Any insight would be appreciated.
  9. Has anyone tried to get gmail voice/video calling to work on our skates with coldfusion? Other ICS phones seem to be able to do voice/video calls from the google talk app, but ours doesn't seem to have the option? Also, the softkeys don't work very well. I find sometimes I have to push them 2-3 times before they respond. Each time the button animation plays but there is no action. Has anyone got a fix for this?
  10. Please could you post the apk to mediafire or a similar hosting site :)
  11. Does anyone know if the ICE Armour Theme (from the Ice Armour ROM) will work on this ROM? And how I could go about getting that theme out of the ICE Armour ROM? Thanks
  12. So apparently you can add beats audio to any Gingerbread rom now. I haven't had time to try it yet but was wondering if anyone had tried and noticed a difference? http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1523760
  13. I must say, I'm really loving this rom. Thanks kelzsoca! With the status bar on the bottom of the screen and the soft buttons for home, menu and back, it is awesome!
  14. Has anyone had a problem with widgets on Ice Armour? Widgets for my installed apps just don't show up in the "choose widget" menu. Meaning I haven't been able to add them to my homescreen. Widgets for all the stock apps are there but none of the downloaded ones? This is the case in both launcher pro and the stock launcher.
  15. Has anyone had any luck with this? The new version of Skype seems to allow video on unsupported devices but not on the OMC. My Asus eee pad is an unsupported device but with the new version video now works. It is as if the version that you get from the market for the OMC does not have video support. Would there be a way to get a version where video is supported or is it not as simple as that? Would be nice to have even with only a rear camera, could use to show people things etc
  16. My unlocked OMC is rocking!

  17. WooHoo! The day has finally come! I haven't tried yet. Good job on the tutorial. I'm going to wait to hear some peoples results before I try.
  18. This is great news! I knew I was making the right decision when I got my transformer!
  19. Hey man, how did the dump go? Did you manage it?
  20. Would someone please give freeman_g instructions on how to do this. If I knew how I would :) Your unaltered factory unlocked rom could be the key that helps get all our phones unlocked! Good on ya mate!
  21. Everyday I check this topic in hopes that someone has cracked this problem! I wonder how long it will take?
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