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  1. Just in case anyone else is banging their head against the wall trying to get this to work, one of my Blades (Originally Orange San Francisco Gen1), required you to hold down: Vol Up + Menu + Home ... in order for it to flash the TPT images. Just Vol Up + Menu got ignored repeatedly (yes, I'm sure).
  2. I was wondering if anyone had looked into the ksplice and/or kexec route to getting a new kernel running? http://lwn.net/Articles/15468/ http://lwn.net/Articles/280058/ Seeing as the San Diego is an x86 device, and can now be rooted... This would side-step the bootloader issue altogether. Tim.
  3. No better with a Thompson Speedtouch 780 - never reconnects on wake. Did you have any more info on the opensoure driver for this chip - getting that working right would be better than swallowing this crappy closed source driver (which may well be illegal to redistribute anyway)! Tim.

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