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  1. Lucky you, never got it to even show any sign of activity. ever. Maybe i will send it to warranty while I'm on vacations
  2. getRIL was saying baseband and RIL matched, gonna try a few others and see if the problem goes away.
  3. I have been experiencing some random freezes on data connection. icons just keep white (showing good signal strenght) but no market or browser activity. anyone else having issues? after some time it returns, but its kind of annoying.
  4. If you also want to read: this is the thread i started: http://android.modac...wer-forced-ota/ And some other, from someone else: http://android.modac...tectable-on-pc/ And some other over at XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1274379&highlight=usb+connection&page=2 EDIT: Tried a knopix live cd (don't have ubuntu) with no luck. Also tried the hiden menu thingy with no luck. although, i could not successfuly change from AP USB to CP USB. even if i change it and hit OK, if i go there again it still is on AP USB.
  5. Do you mean fire up a live cd with ubuntu and see if the pc connects to the phone? Because neither the pc "sees" the phone or the phone "sees" the pc. The only thing it does is charge.
  6. I have the same problem. But my usb stoped working with no reason what so ever. Last time i changed baseband was a few weeks before the problem occured. There are a few other cases like ours, and at least for one guy the usb started to work again. The same way it stoped. With no reason. There is also another thread i started, where i explain all my problem, but with no reply. Eventually i will send it to warranty..
  7. That's it, the USB is not working. The only thing it does is charge. I have tried several cables, 3 computers and some of the most common ROMs (included a stock one). Drivers are fine, the phone isn't even recognized by any PC nor the PC recognized by the phone. Already tried to power down and remove battery for some minutes, reboot computer and try again with no success. So it probably is hardware malfunction. Witch leads me to the subject: How can i stockify the phone completely? -I have a stock CWM backup -I know of this file to remove clockwork recovery all i am missing is the root access and the official baseband. Is it possible to force or simulate some kind of OTA and flash the baseband via CWM? or any other way that does not require an USB connection?? really could use some help here :(
  8. don't know what that is. will try to figure it out
  9. This thread is a few months old, so, will this still work with current CWM? v5.0.2.0? and just to sum it all up, this will only remove CWM recovery but will keep root access. I need to stockify as much as possible, but the reason i want to to do it, is because USB data is not functioning and nvFlash will not work :angry:
  10. Not even a chance, various cables and various PCs. No sign of life. Energy works, but absolutely no data, neither the PC nor the phone detect the connection. I want to stockify as much as i can before i send it for warranty repair.. I got a stock ROM backup (CWM) and i think there is a zip to remove the CWM itself. All its left is the baseband <_<
  11. True, i didn't :unsure: So, a full wipe and go through the initial setup at first boot should solve this right?
  12. back to ext3 before Rom, using launcherPro atm, but it didn't work before. Rom was baked with almost all options Google, only had stock launcher, no LG
  13. Odd, stock kernel and 0725bb. home button does not work. any one else experiencing this? it gives feedback but no response.
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