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    ZTE Blade on CM7
  1. This Rom is Amazing , a big thank's to everybody who has worked on , i am on ICS coldfusionx 31/05 and i have noticed some issue : - The phone continue to ring a few second after answering -the sotkeys take time to work - the screen is not responding good sometines - i can't install apps from google play website directly to my phone Sorry for my bad english
  2. +11 Touchscreen is very anoying everywhere not just in app drawer , hope you can fix that , a big thank's to Tilal and Sej's for the hard work
  3. http://android.modac...uicm9-softkeys/ this work with me on blade : use the 05/04: http://db.tt/EkE1csul and to Reverse back flash: http://db.tt/kfvXnnTH
  4. Softkey working great with this room : 05/04: http://db.tt/EkE1csul Reverse: http://db.tt/kfvXnnTH
  5. the kernel is it's promising , and i read that the FM radio is working well in this rom
  6. when i use headphone in call , the microphone doesn't work properly in all CM7 version , can anyone confirm that so i open new issue , thank's
  7. just Installed N59 , an played Speed3dx got 2080 score , its mean Accelorometer problem is solveddddd , No Accelorometer no cryy :mellow:
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