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  1. Filip_

    I'm desperate, Blade 3 won't turn on.

    I thought of doing that but then i remembered that warranty will be dished if they find out that I've rooted and installed custom rom on the device. So, I think I will try to do that *it's not like I have other options*
  2. So as the tittle says, one day I left my blade 3 charging and after a couple of minutes when i tried to unlock it i couldn't. i pulled out the battery and nothing. Also, i tried everything like i left him charging for 3 days and still nothing, i tried another battery and once again nothing happened. Is there any chance to make it work or at least know what's wrong because i'm so angry and i also miss my phone. and yeah i used kitkat rom couple of months before it stopped working.
  3. Filip_

    Post your homescreen

    which launcher or theme is that. it's really pretty.
  4. Filip_

    [DEV][ROM][21.5.] Firefox OS - B2G

    I hope you'll keep working on this rom konstat bc it'd be really nice to have another OS on our phone.

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