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  1. Yup! Thank you! By the way, in the meantime I just tried the Celestial Teapot ROM, and it's great!
  2. It sure will sound funny from an IT guy, but what is dload? Is it a folder? I don't get it... ;) I've downloaded the zip file, unzipped it, got a folder named "kernel-2.6.29-U8100&U8110&U8120-Eclair". Inside, there is another zip which contains another folder, and that folder contains two .bz2 file. And now what? Anything I did was wrong. Tried to copy the files to the root of the SD, tried to copy them to "dload" folder, no success. Please guys help me out. Thanks!
  3. Hi! Does anyone know where can be downloaded default factory ROM for the Pulse Mini? I've downloaded a couple of custom ROMs, and what I can say...with all due respect for the ROM makers, my default ROM wasn't so bad at all. But shame on me I didn't do any backups... ;) So default ROMs anywhere? Is there a chance? I've checked T-Mobile website, but no ROM.... Cheers!
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