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  1. The first sentence of the OP doesn't read quite right; the model offered for £99 is the 8GB Black variant, is the £129 option going to be the 16GB version?
  2. Price now shows as £225 for the grey version. :(
  3. OK. Thanks anyway Paul. (Having thought about this again, I don't think there was a 4.1.2 for the 3G, I was thinking of the 16Gb WiFi N7 I had until recently. Doh! :wacko: ) Thanks again - Y.
  4. Arrgghhhh!! I meant to say 4.1.2 in posts #101 & #103 above. Sorry!!
  5. Hi Paul Thanks for the reply :) The last 4.2.1 prebake for the 3G variant would be great. As an aside, is there any info anywhere on the changes introduced in 4.2.x that commonly cause problems with older apps? Cheers - Y
  6. Hi Is there anywhere I can download one of the old MoDaCo N7 3G ROMs, I have an app that won't run on 4.2.x onwards and will never be updated. I'd like to try the last of the 4.2.1 ROMs. I thought I had one I baked last year but I cannot find it! Cheers - Y
  7. Ah! Found it buried in Data Usage. It would be nice if it was a bit easier to get at. I'd have thouught it should have been in 'Quick settings' or at least on the Power widget. Ta :-) Quick edit: Even with data turned off the N7 is maintaining the 3G radio connection, this must be using power and will likely use more when the signal is weak. It must be possible to disable the 3G connection completely because it is turned off in Aeroplane Mode. Suggestion for the ROM?
  8. Does this ROM give the option to turn off the 3G data connection? I'm hoping it might be part of "Enhanced Power Menu.". Cheers Y.
  9. Take care! When I used the sequence above, it takes you to a screen that allows you to change the Service Centre number for sending texts. :D Using FLB Froyo r8.
  10. Thank you for the reply. This is much as I expected. My current ZTE Blade seems to work reasonable well (but not perfectly) in a waterproof pouch but if I use it without, the touch screen is very unresponsive when wet. Thanks again - Andy
  11. Hi I'm looking at the Moto Defy as my next phone (hopefully when the price drops below 200UKP). The main non-phone use for my device will be as a back-up navigation aid for use while hill walking in the UK. Can anyone who has used the phone in a wet environment confirm that the capacitive touch screen works reliably when it is damp/wet? Any info will be appreciated. Cheers - Andy
  12. Hi I'm afraid I can't help with your problem but would you mind telling me what app you are using in your screen shots? My Google Maps program (v5.1.0) looks different to that, the screen is far more cluttered; search bar at the top and - + buttons at the bottom. I assume from the top bar that you're using the Gingerbread theme pack, does that change the appearance of 'Maps'? Cheers - Y
  13. Hi I'm new to Android and the San Francisco. I installed the FLB-Froyo G2 r8a ROM yesterday and everything seem fine. When I look in Settings/Applications section I can see several running services and even more running applications. Is there any info within the forum (I have searched to no avail) or anywhere else that discusses these services and applications and what they do so that I can determine what I really need and what I can do without? I understand that it is better to manage services/applications with a separate application rather than trying to stop them in settings. Can anyone recommend a suitable application to do this? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers - Y :P
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