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  1. Got my nexus 4 yesterday after ordering 4th December.
  2. http://www.slashgear.com/intel-wraps-up-android-4-1-port-for-medfield-smartphones-13247424/
  3. http://www.slashgear.com/intel-wraps-up-android-4-1-port-for-medfield-smartphones-13247424/
  4. Let's see how ZTE are with their new medfield? http://www.engadget.com/2012/08/30/zte-grand-x-in-benchmarks/ God dies when you do.
  5. IF Intel were hoping to make a mark they are kinda buggering that. The security issue is a non starter when those who want to root chosing that they are willing to take risk and joe public have no idea about rooting. So this excuse is totally redundant. I think what we are seeing is a move by operators to restrict their customers. That's the real reason. Problem for Intel is this.... http://www.slashgear.com/samsung-investing-billions-in-mobile-chip-plant-21243460/ As a result Intel may need to rethink their strategy and actually give us the paying customer what we want. Control of our own posessions.
  6. My San Fran screen flicker on and off. Now more off than on. Seems like lose connection for when on its stunning. Sometimes it slowly goes black. More often, is in and then off. A tap used to bring it back then a twist. Progressively worse. Any ideas? Loosexconnection or knackered. Any help appreciated with piccies etc. Not techy minded.
  7. Grand x seems the lesser of the two
  8. How does the Huawei Ascend P1 stack up against the Diego. Shittier sceen definition but possible replacement for thos disappointed with osd lockdown?
  9. Lack of any posts in this forum suggests the osd has failed with enthusiasts? What phone on the horizin could replace it for your affections.
  10. I've had two giff gaff sims for a year or so and still haven't been able to activate. Their entire system was brought down by one burst pipe this year and their excuse was "we are so cheap people can't expect to much" An actual phone service as paid for is not too much. They are mickey mouse even if owned by O2. As for orange. I sai this before and I need to repeat the importance of this. Orange is FRENCH. The french have a different concept altogether as to what customer service is. They usually expect the customer to be completely grateful to them for Orange providing a service to them. The cuatomer is lucky. Alao look at the mobile market in france. Recently shaken up with FreeMobile frances mobile phone system is totally scewed against the customer to the point that you lose money and credits etc. It's like the banking system in France. You pay for everything are forced to buy and pay monthly for a cash card(not debit) and can only withdraw cash from your particula area etc etc. Orange just follows the French indifference to the customer. Hence why they have gotten worse since French telecom bought them.
  11. The Intel argument, maybe I am missing somethong but would it not be the case that those wanting security would leave their phone as is. Whule those willing to take the risk would root it. Thus any lack of security would affect only those willing to accect it?
  12. Noted you can't be existing customer for top cashback so can't use phone fund. Would assume same for Quidco. Thanks for the explanation.
  13. Sounds like a Sony Nex5n problem.
  14. But how do you know these guy pay diddly. Again have tried them and no hint of anything. Someone explain the process
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