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  1. well, if it will happen again, then shame on me. twice. Anyway, do you have a relevant answer for this? peace bro.
  2. Hi just lost my SAP last week. I've been thinking of getting another phone. NOkia and Sony Ericsson is just out of the question and Pocket PC mobile edition (XDA II) is just quite expensive but I'm considering of getting it. Guys, meron bang other smartphones na alternative sa SAP? What about the XDAII?
  3. regarding checking of yahoo mails, ang ginagawa ko is to first check via text: to login, type "in username password" send to 258. magrerespond ang system kung meron ka new messages. to check for subject of mails, type "mail" and send to 258. I find this useful para di ako mag gprs only to find na ala pala akong mails dun.
  4. bai, di na jud ko mag comment ana :-)
  5. ...sonborj, i feel like i'm a knight :-) with current equipment, di talaga pwede. operators need to upgrade.
  6. Regarding the yahoo wap site, try uk.wap.yahoo.com. This works, against that from the Smart portal.
  7. Hi, does upcoming Smartphone models support EDGE? *EDGE stands for Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution, much faster than GPRS. Smart will be launching it probably by early next year.
  8. Posted from my SmartPhone! netmonitor s usualy used by telco engrs nd s a very valuable tool. anyway, mern b program dat wil ndc8 d serving syt?
  9. Posted from my SmartPhone! uy ayaw tangapin. its mobile dot modaco dot com ü
  10. Posted from my SmartPhone! if ur a heavy gprs user: - unchek "show pictures" para d mlaki charge - chek "fit 2 scrin" para d ka plagi scrol sydways - as much as posibl, use mbile version f websyts lyk inq7.net/mobile 4 d inquirer r mobile.modaco.com ü
  11. saturday na! but i guess people are busy these days.
  12. Posted from my SmartPhone! il aryv bak n dvo dis saturday frm cebu. cguro pwd sat eb? at list mas taas lead tym mas makaka prep kau sked nyo. tama c sonborj. ano b rom versions nyo? na try ko lang kc 1.5
  13. uh, just an off topic. pangpadagdag lang ng message count para aabot sa next level :-) anyway guys, matsushita industrial po yan. di po mga appliances.
  14. Hi, for regular sms, AFAIK, telcos charge for mobile outgoing only. so kung napadala mo once, 1 ka lang ma charge. iba naman ang case sa sms na categorized as "push," meaning, you requested or subscribed it and at defined times or after requesting it, it is "pushed" to you. these can be ringtones, logos, quotes, news, etc.
  15. d-coy, due to some reasons, I cannot personally unlock SIM-locked SAPs. but having an eb and discussing things over is very much welcome ;-) o ano, sched na ninyo.
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