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  1. I installed this ROM and it seemed to go fine. Ran it for a couple of days with no problems, then today all of a sudden wireless or mobile data wouldn't start at all! Anyone know of this issue and how to fix it ? Thanks.
  2. Again, what would be the point? ICS is a totally impractical ROM for the Blade, the hardware is just too old and weak, so what exactly do you think JellyB is going to solve? It's going to run even worse. I've had it with ICS on blade and will revert back to a 2.3 ROM because my phone will work A LOT better!!!
  3. I don't understand. Why would YouTube make their app to work on 3G only? This must a problem with the ROM not YouTube. I think I regret moving to 4.0 ROMS, they just don't work right and there's just too many glitches and bugs. I can't see the point in 4.0 ROM development on the blade... there's just no point. And it will only get worse with JellyBean. Think I'm going back to 2.3 ROMs myself.
  4. Forced Navigation Bar is seriously, seriously annoying. Hacks off 20% of your screen real-estate and totally knocks off your keyboard typing. Hope it's updated with on/off option soon. Other than that, very, very good. :D
  5. I've just done this but now I'm wondering: does it change anything when doing Titanium Bkup; installing new ROMs ect? or do you just do the same procedures as before when I had ex2 partition?
  6. OK peoples, thanks for the replies. I found the issue with TPT -- I hope this helps the others like me. I downloaded this http://code.google.c...ock.zip&can=2 to set my partitions to Sys = 215 / Data = 203 / Cache = 37. I don't know why this TPT image worked and making my own in TPT helper didn't, but assume it as something to do with my phone originally being Gen1, EVEN THOUGH I TPT'ed it to Gen2 some time ago!!! So that's that. Also, while I was clockwork, I partitioned my SD card in to 256Mb for Apps, but that deleted all the info on my SD card inc the ColdFusion ROM.. DOH!!!!!! Anyway, I had backed up my SD card on my PC so just copied everything back over and installed the ROM, so, it seems all good now. So, for anyone else like me, download the TPT image I linked to at the top, put the zip onto the root of SD card, use the App TPT Helper (from market) to unzip and then check, then start TPT and from there do a factory reset and then follow the instructions on page 1.... Really hope this helps any poor fools like me. Thanks for the ROM to all involved BTW, it's pretty damn sick!!!! ***EDIT*** It also looks like I might have selected the wrong setting the first time I installed and opened TPT Helper. I just selected Gen2 as that is what I assumed my phone was because I updated to such as mentioned, but, I just installed it again on my CF ROM install and it asked me what Gen type my phone was, I selected 'Other' instead and there was an option for 'TPT upgraded Gen2', so I guess that's what my phone is! Hope that's right.... What a ball ache...
  7. Hello. I already did a few post up. It's just that trying to repartition with TPT Helper is rebooting to a black screen with 2 lines of green text, and just stay there; nothing happens after that. I'm on Mile Mountain 2.3 RLS9, European San Fran which was stock Gen1 but TPT'ed a while ago now to Gen2. I tried searching the thread etc but most replies are to just go and check the 1st post about 185Mb partition which is of no help what-so-ever. If and when I figure this out I'll start another thread to help others how I did it if that's OK with mods etc...
  8. Without sounding ungrateful, really and honestly, I just don't think the instructions on the 1st page cut it. If there were more comprehensive scenarios like most of the other ROM threads, then this thread would be half the size... talk about bamboozling. For example, coming from Moldovian 2.3 (Gen 2, and a Gen 1 stock phone TPT'ed to Gen2), I can't even get a TPT partition to work and there's nothing on the 1st page there for my scenario. Sincerely.
  9. Ok, so, I'm updating from Moldovan Mountain ROM. I am trying to repartition using TPT Helper. Set 2Mb cache, 210Mb system and whatever's left for data; I leave boot image as unchanged. Then I click start TPT and select use clockwork The phone reboots and just sticks with 2 lines of green text on the screen saying t boot something and a directory address -- any ideas what is going wrong here?
  10. Seeing as this seems to be a popular stable ROM and worth the upgrade from 2.3, is there not a chance of a more simple install method re: the system partition size?
  11. No disrespect intended here, but will this ROM ever reach a conclusion? The thread is over 630 pages long!!!
  12. Thank you. That setting is well hidden isn't it! It was set to never so I changed it. ROM has improved so much... Can't believe you were just going to leave it at RLS7!!
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