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  1. athlonoc

    Chinese system app

    You are very kind. I had a look at them and tried them but they were the same as some I had alrteady tried. I think I might have to try a windows XP machine and give it a go. Thanks Lee
  2. athlonoc

    Chinese system app

    I am able to boot up booting with vol+ into the recovery mode. I have tried everything but I never had a backup as the phone is new. I was able to use my wifes phone Bluebo L100 and blutooth apps like root undelete but they never worked. Does anyone know what an android phone is doing when the loaded screen ( in this case dandelion live ) just flicks on and off? Also is there a list of required android system files ( or .apk's ) that I could try and bluetooth to it and then try and run them to install the 'normal file' required to boot into android 4.1.1 as a blank O/S or is that basically why I need to try and flash a fresh rom onto the phone? Thanks Leee
  3. athlonoc

    Chinese system app

    Can someone either let me know how to resolve a flashing screen after accidentally removing a system app from the phone with root app delete ( a chinese app it was ) and I'm not sure which one it was. or Get the SP flash tool to work where the USB VCOM drivers can't be loaded onto my Windows 7 machine no matter which way I try. The problem I have is the PC see's the phone when USB cable connected but it only lasts a second before dissapearing ( MediaTek USB preloader vCom USB drivers ) If I switch my phone on now all it does is the screen flashes on and off repeatedly. Thanks and regards Lee
  4. athlonoc

    Bluebo L100 FW S3 Clone

    I thought I would just share with those that have this phone, I managed to root it with the well publised method Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v15:
  5. athlonoc

    Grand Prix

    After making several successful ROM flashes to decide which one looks and works best for me, I am left with the remnants of my first unsuccessful flash ( mentioned above ) which seemed at the time to have bricked the phone as it was stuck with the Samsung logo and didn’t boot up. But I was able to to use Grand Prix and reflash an old one and get myself going again. However I have noticed from that first unsuccessful flash I have the following CSC: B7610INUJE2 – left over from first ROM flash ( unsuccessful one ) The phone seems to be behaving itself okay after two days use albeit low free memory, however I’m concerned that the CSC relates to a different phone Samsung Omnia Pro and not Samsung Omnia II Should I change this and or is it likely to cause me problems If I do need to change it can I just flash the CSC part to one I need or should I just leave it all alone as it appears to be fine. My other device reading are:- PDA: I8K23569JD6SB24 – Sonblock ROM – very happy with it, great ROM PHONE: I8000XXJA3 Thanks Lee
  6. Hi, I have appeared to flashed a rom that didn't reboot properly and hung when using Octans Searching the web it seems I need to load HG5 update image and HH1 flasher. They are impossible to find and if I can get hold of them I may be able to use Grnad Prix tool to get my Omnia 2 back up and running. Where can I get them. Anyone help me please Thanks Lee

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