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  1. hey all im liking this rom but does anyone know how to intall xposed fraimwork so i can install the masterkey and the other fix or is it already in clueded or how to patch this rom thank you in advanced so i dont take up anymore posts unless i need to
  2. hi great rom has anybody notised yet that if you push the menu button in a call you get another menu that gives you the options to hold a call swap the call or record the call (recording work very well better than an app)
  3. am i not mistaken that if something in the uk is sold as one thing but in reality its not is that not faulse advertising and can we not demand a refund for being miss sold an item just my 2 pence if im wrong i will stand corrected
  4. hi i hoping someone can help whats the best version of CM7 to date official or un-official with or without add on's the most stable with fewist problems plus the best partion size for cm7+full gapps and wether its best to use a tpt upgraded gen2 or a windows upgraded phone thanks in advance for any and all advice
  5. dose any body know if you can use the smallist layout for our blades i think it was something like 98mb but i think i remember reading something about you cant use that size but i could be wrong as i said i cant remember because i want to install the updatable apps to the data section so they update better thanks of the great app
  6. try the full monty its got no fair usage polocy as for as i can tell
  7. so if it fake why has no one asked a mod to remove the post
  8. http://wikileaks.org/the-spyfiles.html THEY ARE VERY NAUGHTY FOR SELLING PEOPLES DATA
  9. try doing a factory reset just been reading and people say this works http://www.iphoneandroidtips.org/how-to/root-motorola-milestone-x2-on-2-3-6/
  10. i know thats more than you said i just think there the best offers around at the mo at the moment t-mobile are giveing unlimited everything for £21 on a 12 mounth and my mate said asda are doing the same for £20 plus for £26 you can get the galaxy s2 2000 mins unlimited data and texts t-mobile
  11. Hi great rom me and my gf use it but i noticised something im not shore is it surposed to do or if its a bug when ever 2G data is turned on when you make a call it turns off but stays on when on 3G the other day when i try calling my gf she was using facebook the phone kept rejecting the call on its own ive tryed the other kernnels it still dose it plus since tpting to rls7 ive notised that my signal has gone down alot has anybody elce experienced this any fixes im on rls7 shes on rls4 both full wipes ive had to de-brick my phone but hers is fine thanks for a great rom
  12. Hi i wounder if anybody can help on both my phone is on rls7 and my girlfriends phone is on rls4 i have noticed that when you are on a call the data turns its self off when 2G only selected and when my girlgriend is using here facebook she was using when it happend is that the calls are not being able to come through when i tryed to ring her all it did was hardly rang once and cut off she said her phone did not ring im not really shore if its a bug or if i have to flash another kernal i dont tghink it happens all the time cuz when we have tryed to repoduce it hasent happend i will see if i can figure out if theere is a pattern to it can some one help please thanks in advance
  13. i just wanted to say that on your second point about download data what you need to take in to concideration is that on a lot of the custom roms what the market thinks the phone is and what the phone is are 2 very diffrent things cuz if i remember most of the roms make the market think its a htc if i remember correctly and the zte blade has a massive following on custom roms so most of the data collected would be untrue and inacurate im not digging at anyone im just saying its a good app its a shame it dont work properly on our blades
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