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  1. Grain

    MoDaCo Wiki?

    So the wiki seems to be gone for good. Fortunately there's a May 2012 dump at archive.org: http://archive.org/details/wiki-wikimodacocom
  2. Grain

    MoDaCo Wiki?

    Any progress? I hope the database the wiki is currently missing isn't just completely lost...
  3. The problem for water damage is residual minerals and other stuff (that might short circuit things) but first and foremost corrosion due to electrolysis if the device is still under power when wet. So if electronics get wet, disconnect power immediately and dry thoroughly. Depending on your skills you can try cleaning the device with destilled water (to rinse out residue) but you have to be careful not to break/wet (partially) mechanical parts (speaker, microphone). In any case, reconnect power only after the device has dried completely which might take some time.
  4. Grain

    MoDaCo Wiki?

    Seems the wiki has been broken for some weeks. Will it get fixed? There's been quite a lot of valuable information on the ZTE Blade there, at least. Paul, if it's not going to be up again, could you give me the markup of the ZTE_Blade page?
  5. I got a 1500mAh battery (re-labeled as MTech but really looks like some cheap china stuff). Capacity is comparable to the original 1250mAh one. It does exhibit some different characteristics though; for example, voltage falls quickly under load, and recovers a bit in idle. The original battery isn't as "elastic" - which is a good thing as otherwise the phone will shut down too early under load.
  6. Does anyone read the FAQ? The Blade is VERY picky about the USB voltage. Low quality chargers (= 90% of the chargers you get on eBay etc.) or broken chargers (stock chargers DO break!) will lead to all kinds of trouble. I've seen the Blade saying it's charging, but it's not. I've seen the Blade refusing to recognize the charger. I've seen the Blade saying it's charging, the percentage staying constant, then the Blade shutting down (because the battery actually discharged and went flat). If you have trouble recharging the Blade, shut down the Blade, connect it to a (powered) PC USB port (these have good voltage stabilization in general), and leave it alone for four hours. If it's not charged then, the Blade, the battery, or the USB cable is broken.
  7. Sure. You can also prepare a MicroUSB<=>USB cable for (fast) charging (only): remove the insulation and cut and short data lines on the Blade side (leave USB side open). It will fast charge then - and draw 700mA from the USB port, possibly albeit unlikely damaging it if it doesn't support that. Takes three minutes time and little skill. You can also just mod the charger.
  8. Interesting. It's for a different chipset though, and playing with this is prone to cause all kinds of problems (e.g., the phone indicating it's charging, but it's not - if the power source isn't good - or it might even break low-quality USB hardware). No good to include this into an end-user firmware. BTW the charging topic is covered in the FAQ.
  9. I guess later releases of the Stir Fry ROMs seemed less superior because either the batteries of the people testing aged (often not taken into consideration) or people's usage pattern changed ("Hey, I found that cool twitter app!"). After N85 (May 2011) - which fixed an audio-related drain bug - there were no major changes concerning battery life in CM7 as far as I know, apart from some short intermezzo with FM radio drain bugs in June 2011.
  10. I just compared that to the stock Gingerbread launcher quickly - FTL doesn't really feel faster to me. Well, in the apps drawer gesture scrolling is not 1:1 - moving the finger by 1cm scrolls the drawer by 1.3cm or something - but that's merely a psycho trick ;) . There might be actual speed/performance tweaks but they are not that visible. Then again the standard Gingerbread launcher is already pretty fast, even on the Blade. The standard Gingerbread launcher also features wallpaper scrolling which in FTL you have to pay for.
  11. Well, I guess CM7 supported pretty much all phones previously supported by CM6, right? So there was no good reason to keep CM6. With CM9 vs. CM7 that will likely be a different story so perhaps CM7 might last a bit longer. At least that would be sensible. ;)
  12. In terms of for example security updates, Cyanogen is pretty much the only way to go. Swedish Snow will not get any significant updates and will be forgotten in half a year - no offense to KonstaT but that's just the way it is with modified stock roms, see Japanese Jellyfish, Swedish Spring, and so on. With Cyanogen there's at least some chance this doesn't happen.
  13. Deep sleep is CPU in suspend. It doesn't run then at all (pretty much 0MHz ;) ). You really should know that from your PC as well. Of course the CPU still needs some power in sleep but it's FAR less than at 122MHz. Search the forums - in (mostly) deep sleep (= normal phone idle) and with GSM off (= flight mode) the battery lasts for almost a month AFAIR.
  14. You can quite safely assume that "rom X has better battery life than rom Y" statements in this forum are BOGUS. Have a look at the Blade FAQ linked to in this post's footer. Cyanogen is not slow; its ADW Launcher is a bit slow on the Blade and people keep confusing these two completely separate facts. Install another launcher (Launcher Pro or Gingerbread Launcher) and everything's fine.
  15. It's 1 or 2% or something. In low-usage scenarios (which is is the only case in which UV *might* matter), by far the most power is used by the GSM parts of the phone. So, instead of UV actually achieving anything, you end up with a) some users that complain about crashes, B) many users who think UV is the solution to their battery life problems that are actually related to bugs in installed apps, misconfiguration, or the users not understanding what features of the phone actually consume power, and c) spam in the forums by people who have too much time on their hands talking about UV. ;)
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