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  1. Just 'upgraded' my G300 from Vodafone B952 to the Huawei B952 ROM and noticed the app drawer doesn't keep the apps in alphabetical order, unlike my other ICS phone. Instead it behaves like iOS - each new app is added at the end of the list and if you want to remove or re-order them, you click on the pencil icon at the top of the screen to get a grid view and then click the close button on an icon or drag it from screen to screen. I'm not sure I like this enhancement :-) Does anyone know whether this iOS-style app drawer was in the original Vodafone ICS ROMs (it's a long way back for me to check now). And does anyone know whether a launcher such as Nova will give me back the automatically alphabetical drawer? Thanks for indulging me :-)
  2. aswiseman

    Original factory ROMs from Huawei

    Stock+ looks interesting and appears as if it will give me the Huawei toggles back. Do you know whether it comes with "All Backup" or "AppInstaller" so I might get back data that was backed up on my old phone running Voda ICS? And do you know about the behaviour of the app drawer? In the Huawei ROM I particularly dislike the iOS-style drawer which doesn't keep the apps in alphabetical order but allows the user to move them around. But maybe that was also the way in the Vodafone version of B952?
  3. aswiseman

    Original factory ROMs from Huawei

    I don't have my old one - I claimed on my free mobile phone insurance in the end and sent them the phone. (Excess was £50.) They weren't able to repair it (or figure it would be too expensive) so sent me the cash to replace it after being unable to source a G300 from their source. I did look around to replace it first. One shop said it would cost £100 to repair a screen another said £150, making it cheaper to buy a new phone. One shop did quote me £42 but said only if they could get the glass...
  4. aswiseman

    Original factory ROMs from Huawei

    Having failed to update the ROM to the Huawei one, I headed off to root the phone and then downloaded an Animation Changer app from the store to get rid of the Vodafone startup/shutdown animations... THEN I realised I'd been a fool and had put the DLOAD\UPDATE.APP on the internal RAM instead of the external MicroSD card. D'oh! Once I moved the update file to the right drive, the update happened fine :-) The ROM didn't seem to come with the "All Backup" app, which was a worry, but it did come with "AppInstaller", which allowed me to get "All Backup" back, so now I should be able to restore the phone. Restoring apps also messed up the alphabetical order in the apps drawer, but luckily this ROM allows you to edit the ordering (there's a pencil icon to allow "editing") in the same manner as Apple's iOS. The only thing I'm missing is the power toggles on the notification pull-down. I've read you can get hold of the vendor update files, but I'm not sure there are any for B952? Anyone know?
  5. aswiseman

    Original factory ROMs from Huawei

    Just got my second G300 after the glass on the first one got cracked, just before the prices went up too :-) This one came with ICS with an OTA upgrade to B952. I will be unlocking it and want rid of the Vodafone bloat, so I thought I'd try the unbranded version of B952 from the Huawei website. This contains a ZIP file which has a PDF of instructions and an UPDATE.APP file. I downloaded this to my PC, unzipped and copied the file to my external SD card. I followed the instructions and it failed to even Unpack (It said "Update failed" almost immediately). I tried both methods - the Storage Update and the rebooting with the volume keys held down - both failed. From reading these forums it seems I might need a middle layer to flash first, but again I got an "Update failed" on unpacking. I have no CWM, have not unlocked the bootloader, am not trying to wipe the phone or the IMEI, just an out-of-the-box upgrade. Has anyone had any success going from Voda B952 to Huawei B952? Is there a better way of deleting the Vodafone apps and killing the startup/shutdown Vodafone animations?
  6. Google has started rolling out an OTA update of Android on the Nexus S, transforming 4.0.4 into 4.1.1 - Jelly Bean! I've got the I9020 with Super AMOLED in the UK, but so far my phone is insisting that with 4.0.4 it's up-to-date. I have a TalkMobile SIM (piggy backs on Vodafone UK). Anyone else in the UK had any luck receiving this? Anyone taken the plunge and manually downloaded and flashed the update? Have tried the Google Services Framework trick (Hit the menu key from the desktop > Manage Apps > ALL tab > Google Service Framework > Force Stop AND Clear data. Reboot Phone. Settings > About Phone > System Updates), but the result seems to be that my Google's News & Weather app is now broken (refusing to connect) :-)
  7. aswiseman

    Huawei Ascend G300 unlock

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing :-) Although "your" guy charges £9.48: my phone was eventually unlocked within 24h for $8.29 = £5.48 by Korter_GSM
  8. Was in a Vodafone store in Stratford-Upon-Avon yesterday and noticed they had the G300 on display and the marketing card next to the phone said it was available on contract, and at the bottom claimed it was also on pay as you go for £100 with £20 min top-up. Anyone else seen this? All the more reason to get it from Vodafone online for £100 plus cashback!
  9. aswiseman

    Huawei Ascend G300 unlock

    Had a bit of a mare trying to unlock this phone... Vodafone stores have been unhelpful. One in Peterborough claimed they had to send off for it and wouldn't be on the system - told I wouldn't be buying the phone if he charged me to unlock it, but he wouldn't budge. One in Stratford Upon Avon said it would be £20 and wouldn't waive it even if I bought a case. I guess I'm just not charming enough :-) Went to one of those shops that sell lots of phone cases and promise to do repairs and also unlock while you wait. Chap said he couldn't do this model in store and would have to wait a few days. Tried http://mobile-phone-unlockers.com/ - who promise unlock codes for £1.79 in 24 hours. They took my cash (£3.95) and took exactly 24 hours to tell me they were sorry they couldn't unlock this particular phone. "It is very unlikely another online company will have the unlock code but you could always give it a try." And the cash might take up to seven days to be refunded :-( AVOID!8 BTW: Tried my TalkMobile SIM in the phone and it works fine with no need to unlock. Don't know if this might sway anyone who needs a low-user SIM-only deal. Anyhow have gone with an eBay seller that people have reported success with here, so fingers crossed I'll get this sorted soon!
  10. aswiseman

    Which ROM should I use?

    I have just bought this phone too and am wondering the same thing: I have the Vodafone B885 out of the box. I don't really want the Vodafone bloatware. I'd like a smooth UI which doesn't eat the battery. BUT this is for my other half who is used to Gingerbread and since I might need to take it back to Vodafone if I discover a fault, I'm looking for a good Gingerbread ROM, minus the Voda guff, but which I can easily flash back to stock... Opinions welcome
  11. Popped in to my local Orange shop before they closed today. The store had the Orange Monte Carlo pictured in promotional displays in the window. No models on display, but they had two in stock which had just come in. I was told the pay-as-you-go price is £149.99 INCLUDING £10 top-up, which I realise isn't the same as everyone else is saying. But I got the impression the lady had only just started there, so she may have meant to say PLUS £10 top-up. It's also available on contract at £20/month, which doesn't seem worthwhile - I saw a Wildfire S on 3 for that price in the press today... As with the San Francisco, you can also get the phone cheaper if you pay in advance for your top-ups... So you can get the phone for £119.99 + £60 pre-pay (£10 will be credited to your account every month for six months) or £69.99 + £120 pre-pay (£10 every month for 12 months) Hopefully someone else will be able to confirm that I've remembered these correctly :-) With shopping, girlfriend and toddler in tow I didn't want to hang around to play with one, but I might go back on my own to see how massive it is, laggy it is or how good the screen is compared to my OLED San Fran...
  12. Freakish though it may seem, I too like the Orange launcher with its 4 constant icons at the bottom while the rest of the screens scrolled sideways. So if there is a way of getting it back, I'd be interested. (I'm using Japanese Jellyfish. Live wallpaper certainly works on the lock screen too, btw.)

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