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  1. Have you tried to turn off bt from blade and turn it on back again to see if it's pairing again? That was the issue that i had in the previous release, so i turned to daemon's 4.1.2 that works perfectly.
  2. Try a different sd card for the TPT. I have encountered a similar problem and the fault was the sd card.
  3. Hello! The past few days, i noticed a minor issue with the bt on this rom. Sometimes, the sound to my bt handsfree is choppy. I have to turn off and back on bt on the mobile to make it stop. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  4. At first i had the same problem, but if you leave it to scan a bit more, it will show the correct name of the device. At least that worked for me.
  5. That seems to fix the problem!! app drawer works perfectly now! ;) Will give feedback about the whole rom usage by the end of the day!
  6. Flashed this rom yesterday. Everything works like a charm!!! Very good work! And i confirm with the memory patch, Plague Inc works nicely!! Thought i would never play this game on my blade..!!! The only thing i noticed is that after installing about 10 apps from the play store, the phone started lagging a bit. But still works amazing! EDIT: I see some lagging on the app drawer, when you change pages. Haven't tested more though.
  7. yesterday i got a random reboot too, out of nothing. Finished a phonecall, left it aside, and after 1-2 minutes the phone rebooted.
  8. are there any updates about the bluetooth a2dp reconnect issues? haven't tried yet the newest release (15/1) but there aren't any bt changes in the changelog.
  9. here are the logs for bluetooth also, google now need any settings to get the mic to work? voice seach works fine, but google now isn't. 2013-01-15-00-46-30.txt
  10. i experience only one problem with bluetooth a2dp. i successfully paired my sony ericsson bluetooth handsfree with the first try. But when i turned bt off and on on the mobile, it found the headset, paired with it, but couldn't connect to it (could not play music or make phonecalls). I have to manually unpair them, reboot the phone and pair them again to make it work. So that happens everytime i want to pair me bt headset. Is there anyone else with this issue?
  11. hello everyone!! KonstaT this is amazing work! We have a viable 4.2.1 rom working like a charm! My only concern before i flash it, is if a2dp works correctly! i only use my bt hadsfree for music because it sounds louder and better than plugging my headphones directly on the phone, and i tend to listen to music a lot!! EDIT: concerning issues with rom, if full wipe/clear data didn't work and the rom is still mulfunctioning, you can try a different sd card to repartition/install the rom. Had issues like yours a few months back, and that sold my case.
  12. very nice work! this rom is very fast and stable! I have one question, do i have to do a full wipe, to update to the latest version? I installed the 2062012 yesterday, and im not in the mood of doing a full wipe again! Thanks!
  13. very nice work! i am thinking of tryingn this rom, but i have a question. It says that bluetooth is partially working. Has anyone tried to connect bluetooth headset? Are there any issues?
  14. i installed this rom about 3 days ago, and everything seems to work fine! I just had a minor problem yesterday. I was listening to music with PowerAmp Player with my handsfree, and somebody called me. I tried to picked it up, and while i was talking i saw that PowerAmp was pausing and resuming all the time, even after the call. I unplugged the handsfree, and it stopped, but when i replugged them, it started again. I had to restart the phone, to stop this from happening... Do you know what had gone wrong? When i was on CM7.1 i didn't experience that exact problem.
  15. how is battery drain on n247-n250? my official 7.1 is not doing good so far.. battery lasts 2 days max, with music and a few minutes wifi...
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