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  1. Hmm, I agree it is very strange. It's early days for me with this Rom as I never stuck with it for long the first time around! As a matter of interest have you tried the Roky v2.3 from the needrom website? I checked the original site for this room (russian) and he claims to have sorted the proximity problem in his room.
  2. Hi sorry for the delay I'm running 2.9.5, but strangely when you install a Lewa ROM the last sub menu (other extras) disappears. Must be something to do with permissions. I have installed the original 4.1.2 beta firmware and the Mobile Uncle sub menu has returned, the Psensor problem has also gone! Stay away from Lewa ROMs for this handset I would recommend!!
  3. Hi russellS I don't have the extra option menu so no psensor adjustment! I think I'll flash the original 4.2.1 b1 rom and start again. One of these roms has screwed the OS.
  4. Hi did you get any joy with this from Jayiu? I still have the problem and on my copy of mobile uncle tools I don't have the psensor option can you upload me your copy of the apk please?
  5. I have the same problem now using the MIUI rom and set the call end with power button. Its only an issue now for me when I need to do something with the phone while in a call. Started for me when I used a Lewa rom.
  6. Hey following on from my keyboard problem. I changed my SD card from a 16 to 32 gb moved the directory across and I can now modify the keyboard, changed it perfect pro!
  7. Problem is you can wait forever for the best value phone, if you want great battery life and a solid phone the Jiayu g3 takes a lot of beating. I've had mine for a month now, great phone!
  8. No worries man, still loving this rom no problems I can't live with, many thanks!
  9. hi, I had the same problem and for me it was a bad download. I suggest you redownload, full wipes and all should be OK.
  10. HI ive installed the latest version and have the same problem with the phone ap stopping on reboot. Also the asop keyboard froze and i couldnt change the default language. Ive removed it now and pulled it from the rom.
  11. something must have gone wrong with your flash, I made a clean install then updated Google search in the play store and it works fine now.
  12. A bit heavier than the g300 but battery lasts for days. Cost $200 Including DHL delivery, brilliant phone, fast solid and quality.
  13. Got mine from etotalk DHL delivery 72 hrs, no tax, great service and a fantastic phone.
  14. I used DHL for my Jayu g3 and wasn't charged any duty. By the way for anyone worrying about leadtimes, ordered Friday morning from China delivered Monday to London, 3 days including a weekend!
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