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  1. tried different cable but no hope.. finally I noticed that the 55% of time the cpu was busy, and the shell was hot... I flashed again the phone and now it is ok. It seems that something that i tried from appbrain keep staying in memory and running, draining the battery...
  2. Suddenly, after 1 mont of life, the phone is not charging the battery. It keeps 1% after our of charging. I installe the JJr9 one moth ago. How can I understand if it is a battery failure or a software problem ?
  3. Thanks for your reply. Whati do you mean with "maket updated my keyboard" ? Did you downloaded and install something form appbrain to update the keyboard that comes originally with FLB ? How do you performed the update ?
  4. I received the second zte with flb r6, and want to upgrade to r8a. BUT I like a lot the Gingerberd keybord I'm using in JJR9. Installing the "Gingerberd" theme, makes the keyboard change ? Is there any other way to change the keybord to the 2.3 version ?
  5. So it seems that JJR9 comes with the stock imap Email client. I checked in the shops other android phone, and all seems to use the same app. I can ensure that E-mail app manage IMAP --and-- POP3. I personally use it for one of my account; I use also K9 for another IMAP account. I checked on many sites, and the improved_email seems a gratis program, very well known and suggested. But I cannot understand the benefit over the stock Email program....
  6. Hi ! I'm experimenting some imap email program for Froyo 2.2 I don't understad which version comes with the JJR9. The "vanilla" install shows two imap client: Gmail and "email". Is the "email" app the "improved email" app found on appbrain ? How does it compare with "improved email " ?
  7. I use the phone having 5/6 call a day, each about for 3/5 minutes. I move during the day through different offices, changing wifi netwk, and receiving email from two accounts. I found my phone battery to last 1,5 days. Is it a "normal" battery lasting time ? What about your times ? Which is your daily use ? Which is your ROM It would be VERY usefull to have a sort of statistic to better choose the ROM also from its battery performance.... P.S. ...I use JJR9, standard theme, with no overclock or hw accl.
  8. Hi ! I tried to get and download the yahoo finance app for android. In appbrain the app is listed, but de _download_ fail (?) In m.yahoo.com, the zte blade is in such way detected (by the phone id or the android ID ??) , and yahoo site states that our phone is not supported for Yahoofinance (?) BUT... downloading from getjar.com, the app works. the SAME is happening with Amazon app... How is made the check for app compatibility ?
  9. I have a gray ZTE blade. I was considering to buy one more from my wife, but I don't know if the white vesion has a good o a bad painting ? I cannot understand it form the picture... Is it a good painting or the gray model is a better one ?
  10. hi. Which kind of battery is compatible with this ZTE model ? I can find zte battery replacement only on ebay... any famous brand has similar battery ?
  11. Is the link a virus or is it true: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/08/23/downl...-for-froyo-now/
  12. Does anyone know if the white version has a bad quality painting than the gray one ? Is the white verion a matt paint (as the gray) or a lucid one ?
  13. Please clarify this TWO points: IF the Orange SF phone becomes locked again, and you are not in UK with a NON orange SIM, is it possible to unlok it with the simple IMEI procedure unlock code, or we need to have a orange sim to unlock it again ? One you have received the unlock code from the IMEI, can you save it for next time ?that's to say is the unlock code alwasy the SAME for th SAME IMEI code ? Thanks in advance
  14. Ciao, anch'io stavo cercando un secondo SF. Il primo l'ho preso su ebau in UK. Hai trovato altre possibili vie di acquisto ?
  15. I tried on ORange France but it seems to sell only with a contract (pour valider votre panier, vous devez sélectionner une offre avec votre mobile ) The big problem for the forum, i think, is to find a way to buy the ZTE in Europe. Often the situation is to buy the phone from a country, and to have it delivered in another... and with a telephone operator website this is not possible.. Any more solutions to try ?
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