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  1. I have got to admit that after using this rom for many days now, it's as stable as a stock rom but it's so fast simultaneously!!! Thank you for this great and bug-free rom!
  2. You are so right! Module flashed but... rom is stuck on boot screen!
  3. I don't think that this rom is supported any more! There are so many of us that we have bigger problems... this rom don't even boot up!
  4. This does not work. When i flash it i get... "Installation aborted". Any reason why?
  5. After installing this kernel on latest t&l rom after some time my device freezes and restarts, and so on! I have not touched overclock/undervolt settings at all!
  6. Tried everything but i always get stucked at boot screen! No problem with t&l rom.
  7. New version is out. Anyone tested? http://www.myppc.it/web/community/viewtopi...=130&t=6157
  8. I never had this problem even though i have stressed this rom as much as possible!
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