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  1. I have one also bought it in January and its been amazing, but...................and its a BIG but........ massively disappointed with Lollipop anyone else used it? So Im going back to Stock 4.4.4 ran MUCH smoother and also i didnt have apps not working with 4.4.4, so far on 5 youtube wont always play videos, MX Player doesnt work at all, GTA: San Andreas wont play, SixAxis Controller doesnt work. So sticking with 4.4.4 for now at least. could only afford the WiFi version so missing out on data whilst out and about, anyone have any experience with MiFi Dongles (In the UK).
  2. lame, i think im gonna be taking the phone back anyway, as when i make calls the other person cannot hear me, and also now when i speak to someone the speaker starts to go crackly :( not having much luck with this phone. does anyone have the files that have been deleted from dropbox, and if anyones does could you possibly upload them so people can continue to download them.
  3. hi andrew thanks for the reply, I already took the back off just to see if mine had an sd slot, so nw in that dept was pretty easy really, any noticable benefit to using the xolo ics and what is the fibblesan stock add on? can anyone answer whether the AIO tool will activate the sd slot and will it flash xolo onto my OSD without any addition steps? also will it make a difference using win7 environment in parallels on OSX or does it have to be a pc? matt
  4. Hi guys first post on here so go easy on me, Just a few questions, ive been trawling the forums for hours and im still none the wiser, I bought my OSD 2 days ago, first thing I did was to check which version i had, and.....surprise! 4.0.4 ICS straight outa the box. I absolutely love this phone its lightning fast and the screen is gorgeous but i think i can make it just that bit better. now my questions are: + i want to be able to use a micro sd card, is it possible? and if so how to i make the card slot active, and if i can make it active what is the maximum card size it can read. + will there be any benefit in flashing the OSD onto the XOLO ICS, or should I stick with Orange ICS as it was already on the phone (no OTA update) + will the AIO tool do everything im asking without the need for additional steps, or can i just use AIO tool and that will do everything for me. + and lastly just to throw a spanner in the works im using a MAC (osx 10.6.7) so can i use parallels with win 7 environment or will AIO only work correctly on a PC? i know i sound like a complete n00b but i really dont want to ruin this phone as i cant afford to buy another just yet, i just want to know exactly what im doing before i do it. the OSD has replaced my OSF (it broke) and i used this forum to flash the OSF onto japanese jellyfish, so im not completely new to flashing/rooting but i just dont want to screw this phone up, especially since ALOT of people are bricking them. thank you for reading this, and awsome work guys.
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