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  1. use the instructions and files on this page http://www.orangesanfrancisco.co.uk/androi...isco-zte-blade/ i just tried this and it worked for me :unsure: if you have a problem with installing the driver files on that page then use these http://flibblesan.co.uk/android/zte_driver.zip
  2. finally fixed it :unsure: since i got clockwork on it now i might aswell look at putting on a custom rom. thank you everyone for you help :)
  3. ok im going to do the clockwork mod with fast boot and im trying to install the drivers needed. this is the tutorial im using http://orangesanfrancisco.co.uk/android/ho...isco-zte-blade/ ive updated two drivers so far (i think the first one was the adb then i updated the drivers for the modem). those two devices have gone and one new one has appeared in there place called "android". Im trying to update the drivers for it but it says "windows was unable to install your android" then underneath it says "windows could not find the driver software for your device"
  4. thanks for the help :D no luck so far though i was gonna try adb but you need to change settings on your phone first would i be able to flash the phone if i can't access the menu or settings? when you set up the gmail account is it linked to the mobile number used by the phone at the time?
  5. my orange San Francisco had a pattern lock on it and then my wonderful sister put in the wrong pattern too many times and now its asking for a email and password but i have no idea what it is (Bad I Know). is there anyway to reset the phone or get around this ? i went to the orange store today but they were no help and called customer service and put me on the phone to them. EDIT: for people who end up with the same problem you can fix this by install clockworkmod recovery with fastboot http://www.orangesanfrancisco.co.uk/androi...isco-zte-blade/ then through this you can factory reset your phone
  6. thanks for the help :lol: i decided to buy the san francisco
  7. Hi i need some help/advice Im Planning to get a new phone that uses android ive narrowed it down to these three Samsung Galaxy apollo i5801 Orange San Fransisco (Zte Blade?) HTC Wildfire Im gonna be using the phone To Listen to music, surf the Internet and maybe play some games. Which phone do you think will be the best for me to get? is there any other phone's you think would do a better job than these ? (my Limit is £170)
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